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A Furball Family

By: Petplace Staff

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Some people have so much room in their heart for animals that there is always room for one more. It used to be that women who kept a house full of cats for a family were considered a little "off", but these days it is far from unusual for men and women to consider their pets family enough. It isn't at all remarkable for a cat lover to keep more than one or two cats in their home. After all, it's just more cat to love! I just read a really cute story about a woman who has more pets than most people would know what to do with, but she is dedicated to her furball family.

Connie Tate writes about her "furball" children. She writes that she had five cats and one dog, but as is often the case, only came another. Most of her cats are rescues, so she could hardly resist the recent addition of an "oops" kitty, increasing her family from six to seven children.

The new kitten was hardly a walk in the park though. She was merely two-weeks old and wasn't much different than having a new born human baby in the amount of time required to care for her. Connie named her Ebony Grace after her dark coat and the grace that brought her into Connie's care. And care for her is exactly what Connie did! It meant getting up in the middle of the night time and time again to feed her kitten milk replacement formula from a bottle. Connie says her co-workers teased her about her sleepless nights and "new mom" demeanor, but Connie was sure it was worth every minute. At five weeks old she was soon transitioning into a "toddler" and giving Connie some well-deserved sleep along with many smiles.

Ebony Grace isn't the only spoiled animal in Connie's home, however. With no human children to spoil, the animals get endless care. They cats enjoys walks in the park in a cat stroller. The dog rides in a sidecar usually used for children when Connie rides her bicycle. All Connie's pets eat organic and chemical-free pet food. The cats even have their own two play rooms in the house full of scratching posts, kitty condos and carpeted ledges. Connie, without a doubt is crazy for her cats. And why not? They bring so much joy into her life! She is sure they are worth every effort.

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A Furball Family

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