NYC Pet Project: Betty Buckley’s Letter to Her Traveling Companions


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When you think of your pet, what words come to mind? If your pet could read, what would your letters say?

Authors Edward J. Kaczmarek III and Michael J. La Rue collected the answers to these questions in the form of hundreds of letters, which are published in the book NYC Pet Project (Good Books Publishing, Inc.). The book is a compendium of letters and portraits of New Yorkers – ordinary and famous.

Betty Lynn Buckley's letter leaves no one out. The singer/actress thanks her three shih tzus, named Gemma, Madison and Jesse, and her African grey parrot, Blueness, for their companionship and friendship. The pets often accompany Betty when she is on tour, performing in musicals.

Dear Ones:

My girls and my main man Blueness.

Thank you for your abiding love and friendship. You bring such sweetness, light and joy to my life. Our hang-out times are the best moments of every day. And you guys are the most patient travel companions. I could not do it all without you.

And you guys are the funniest. You make me laugh. And you are so pretty. Thank you, thank you with all my heart.

Love, your buddy,

Betty Lynn

P.S. And in memoriam:

Bridget, I miss you so much. And with great gratitude and love and in remembrance of:

Black Bucket, Rags, Cappuchine, Maggie, Claude, Jake, Kelly 1, 2 & 3, Tiger, Liga, Blaze, Red, Duke, Crash, Byline, Bozo, Blackie Whitefoot, Gigi, Jay Jay, Jo Jo, Cinnamon, Sugar & Spice, Salty Pepper, Monty, Mark and Noel (who went to live with Alicia).

The letter appears within the NYC Pet Project book in the author's actual handwriting.

Good Books Publishing, Inc. has provided some the content from the NYC Pet Project for inclusion in this website. For additional information on Good Books Publishing, Inc. or to order the NYC Pet Project book, go to or your local bookstore.

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