Contagious Cat Eye Problems - Vet’s Advice On Contagious Cat Eye Problems


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Are there any contagious cat eye problems?

There are several contagious cat eye problems that can occur. The most common problem is one called conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is a common contagious cat eye problem that is associated with strays and unvaccinated kittens. The conjunctiva is a thin tissue that lines the eyelid and covers the white of the eye. This is one of the most contagios cat eye problems in shelters, catteries and among barn cats. It has several causes including viral infections (such as herpesvirus or calicivirus), chlamydial eye infections, and bacterial eye infections. The eye or eyes can become inflamed and common symptoms of this contagious cat eye problem includes: redness, excessive tearing, blinking, squinting, and/or holding the eye closed. If you suspect your cat has a contagious cat eye problem, see your veterinarian. Contagious cat eye problems can be very painful and can cause long-term complications if not treated properly.

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