Eye Injury Cat - Vet’s Advice on Eye Injury Cat


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What can you do with a eye injury cat?

an eye injury in a cat can be a difficult problem. Injuries can occur from a variety of traumas from scratches (such as from claws, thorns, sticks or wire), bite wounds, animal fights, falls, blunt trauma (such as being hit by something) or automobile accidents. The cat's eye injury can occur to the eye globe (eye ball), the eye surface (cornea), or the eye lids. Bones around the eye socket can even be broken. Depending on the type of eye injury the cat obtains, serious problems can follow. Some injuries can cause loss of vision. Symptoms of a cat eye injury may vary depending on the type and location of the cat eye injury but may include blinking, squinting, tearing, redness of the eye, cloudiness of the cornea, bleeding from the eye or around the eye, pawing at the eye, protrusion of the third eyelid, and/or a closed eye. If you suspect your cat has an eye injury, please see your veterinarian immediately. Many injuries are painful and your cat has the potential to have a serious injury that could affect her vision and her life.

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