Why Cat Won't Use Litter Box - Vet’s Advice On Why Cat Won’t Use The Litter Box


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Why Cat Won't Use Litter Box

Why a cat won't use the litter box can be a difficult question to answer. There is not one answer as to why cats won't use the litter box but several possible causes.

Some cats have medical problem such as a bladder infection or bladder stones. Other cats may have inflammatory bladder disease. All of these problems can cause cats to urinate outside the litter box. In addition to the medical problems, some cats will develop psychological aversion to the litter box when dealing with medical issues as they may associate the pain and burning of a bladder infection with the litter box. Some cats will try to go to the bathroom outside the litter box to try to get away from the pain.

Other cats may not like the litter. If the litter has recently been changed to a different brand or variety, the cat may not like the new litter's feel on his/her feet or not like the perfumes or smell of the litter.

Another reason cat won't use the litter box is they may not like the area that the box is being kept as the area may be too noisy or an area with too much activity. Try to have the litter box in the open so the cat doesn't have to creep and crawl to get to and use the box. Make sure the litter box is cleaned since some cats will refuse to use the litter box if it isn't kept clean.

For a good article on common reasons cat won't use the litter box, go to: The Top 8 Reasons Why Your Kitty Won't Use the Litter Box. This is a great article.

There is also several rules to litter box care. Go to: The Fine Art of Litter Box Care. Please read through these to see what might be deterring your cat from the litterpan.

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I hope this information helps you understand Why Your Cat Won't Use Litter Box.

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