A Black Cat Named Wicca


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Sometimes the hardest part of bringing home a new cat is finding a name. So many cat crazy people want to find names for their new kitties that are different and demonstrate how special their cats are to them. However, this can be a real challenge, especially if you haven't quite figured out your new cat's feline personality. Be careful what you name your animals though, because sometimes their name becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I just read a funny story about a black cat that is living up to its name. You can read the story here!

Linda Isherwood of Ontario, Canada wasn't sure what to name her new black cat. The kitten was only six weeks old and a fluff ball of long shiny fur. Linda thought that with such a gorgeous coat, the kitty should have a name that drew attention to the color of her fur, but was at a loss trying to find a unique name. Names like "Blackie" and "Midnight" just wouldn't due. She wanted something unusual and just as individual as her feline friend.

It wasn't long until she found out just how unique her new kitty was either. While Linda was pondering names, the black cat had broken out of the room where Linda was trying to keep her quarantined until her first vet visit. The fearless feline approached her new "sisters" Patchouli and Thistle and started a brawl. Hissing and spitting she battled her way through a wall of surprised felines to the food dish and began to help herself. So much for quarantine and special kitten food. Linda thought to herself, "You little witch!" Then the name came to her, Wicca, the name for the religion that involved witchcraft.

Linda says that Wicca is three years old now and does an excellent job of living up to her name. When she isn't casting spells, charming humans into giving her a bit of affection, she is ruling a household of four cats and a dog with her hiss & spit attitude.

Do you have a cat that lives up to his or her unique name? Be sure to share your story with us.

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