Mason: Thief of Hearts


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Everyone who had adopted their favorite kitty from a shelter knows that you have to make the trip with both open eyes and an open heart. You may think you know exactly what you are looking for, but chances are you will be going home with an animal that isn't quite what you expected. After all, it's really the animals that do the choosing! I just read a great story about how one cat chose his lifetime companion. You can read the whole story here!

When H. Sykes went to look for a new companion at the shelter, she thought she was searching for an orange female cat. She wanted a new friend not only for her own pleasure, but also as more company for her eight-year-old dog and nineteen-year-old cat. However, when she got to the shelter, the orange cats she saw were not very friendly and most were male. She was a little disappointed, but as she walked by a few cages with younger cats, something caught her attention.

A small black paw reached through the cage and in attempted to catch her attention. She smiled at the black cat, which looked to be about six months old and then started walking. The cat started crying out to her and she turned back again. She asked one of the staff to let her have a closer look at the demanding kitty and in her arms the cat was instantly purring and rubbing against her face. The cat seemed very sweet, but was a male and she was undecided. She placed the cat back in the cage and started to turn away, wanting to think. The cat wouldn't have it. He yowled and stretched both paws through the bars. It was heart melting.

The decision was made. The demanding cat would come home with her. She named him Mason and he quickly integrated into a happy life with her other two pets. Ms. Sykes says that Mason is loving, talkative and she is blessed to have been chosen by him.

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