Sister Agnes Works in Mysterious Ways


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Cats do indeed have nine lives. So many of us have lost a cat who was out for days and miraculously appears, thin, but thrilled to be home. Anyone who questions the loyalty of the feline only has to be told a few of these stories to realize that cats may not be sloppy about their love, but they certainly love us. I just read a great story about a cat that found her way home after a mysterious ordeal. You can read the story here!

Nikki Rector tells a story about a "barn kitten" that was a gift from her sister. The little black and white cat was wild as can be, but Nikki had the patience to slowly bring her out of her shell. Thinking her markings made her look like a little nun, Nikki named her reticent friend Sister Mary Agnes Clair. Slowly Sister grew into a friendly adult with a saintly personality.

In sixteen years Sister never caused a moment of trouble. She has purrfect manners and has never knocked over a vase or stolen a bite of food. Nikki knows she can trust Sister implicitly. This is why she was so worried when after being left out for the night, Sister disappeared.

Nikki search for days, posted signs, spoke with her neighbors and visited all the local shelters and rescues, but there wasn't a word about sister. She worried over her for thirteen days when a mysterious shadow working its way up her back steps appeared at four in the morning. Sister was thin and tired, her paws were bleeding, but she had returned home.

Sister was nursed back to health with plenty of love and tuna. Nikki reports that she has made a full recovery and even has a little "catitude." She can only guess about Sister's ordeal. If only she had been wearing a "kitty cam"! What Nikki is sure of is that Sister is very happy to be home.

Do you have a cat that has had an adventure? Be sure to share your story with us!

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