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We recently asked our Petplace.com cat lovers if they have "pet names" for their cat. In our survey of 4,300 cat lovers, 91.7% had "pet names" for their cats!

Several cat lovers emailed us their stories. These were some of our favorite stories!

How Maxine got her nickname

Originally my 14 year old (soon to be 15) tortie point Himalayan was named after a dear departed friend--Maxine. It just seemed right all those years ago when one friend departed my life and another was entering. That would be "Maxine." Little did I know that Himalayans are related to the Siamese breeds that are great jumpers but also known to "talk." Well, Maxine loves attention and it wasn't long after kitten hood that she started her loud, long meowing. Alarmed, I would take her to the vet for check-ups thinking something was wrong. Well, nothing. She was and is perfectly healthy. She loves to "SCREAM" for attention and just in general. She can be perfectly quiet and I'll ask her a question and she "screams" back with a long line of drawn out meows of varying loudness. I just wish I knew what she was saying! It might be interesting, after all. Anyway, over the years she has become known as "MaxScream" instead of her original name of Maxine. When you interrupt her, she stops abruptly and looks at you with her googley eyes (yes, she has that problem too) as if to say, "how rude, I was talking!" Then she continues and that's my MaxScream.

Gayle Rockelli - Hyattsville, Maryland


My two gorgeous sphynx boys were given super posh names even before they arrived from the breeder to their new home with us; one was given Mr. BLING BLING. The second young man was named MR DIAMOND DAZZLE. Perfect for a puskieS who were destined to be spoiled.
Ah well this lasted for a very short time my family twisting their tongues around these lengthy titles, until my eldest daughter Shellie came up with the idea that Mr. diamond dazzle looked very much like David Caruso from C S I and of course he then was nicknamed David. For Mr. Bling Bling who is so perfect and fine with a remarkable face he was re named ALIEN , because he looks like the epitome of an alien drawn caricature Ok these pet names are so much easier to handle and we feel the cats are far more comfortable with a less burdensome title.
Keep up the great work with such an informative and often very entertaining site.

Regards Janice McGuirke (England)

Brownie the Monkey Cat

My cat is a champagne Burmese and his name is Brownie because he's sweet and has a dark brown face and extremities. He's very active and loves heights, so he's always jumping from one place to another. Therefore, my pet name for him is Monkey and he responds to it.

Grace Lloret-New York

From Rumor to Reme

My granddaughter, who was just starting to talk at the time and loves cats as much as her nana does when I brought home a new kitten, she wanted to know what his name was. I told her his name was Rumor, but no matter how hard she tried she could not get the name out like her nana but could get out Reme - so our Rumor became Reme and to this dayis still her Reme.

Kathy Cordes - Eagle Lake, Florida

My Ragdoll 's name is Amadeus

I was listening to Amadeus Mozart on a classical radio station the day before I was to pick up my "rescued" ragdoll. Lo and behold someone had called him Simon. That was not good enough name for the beautiful cat so I named him Amadeus and I call him Ami for short, except when he gets into trouble I call him Amadeus!

M. Craig, Charlotte NC

My Sweet Pea!

My sweet pea has so many pet names! I always call her boo boo face in a baby voice! She is very smart doesn't miss a beat at all! I talk to her everyday. I always ask how was her day when I come home from work and then she purrs really loud! I tell my boo boo face; mommy wants to see your teef. I thought that was the cutest thing. I love her so much! She has truly changed me!

Lisa Rodriguez - New York

A name that suits

After loosing my two very old cats, 19 and 20 Turbo, (she was turbo charged) and Twitchet (had a habit of twitching her tail very quickly for attention), I went to the shelter and got my beautiful Maine Coon kitty, who is 5 years old now. I named her SASSY, why? Because she would be very loving and cuddly, but when she wanted no more she got very sassy, a hiss and grab. But I wouldn't trade her for the world.

Nancy Weaver, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada.

My heart is full of "WOOGIE-ness"!

My great big, beautiful "BABY", Maggie, is a Siamese/ Maine Coon kitty...and guess WHAT? She weighs 18 pounds!! I can't even begin to tell you how precious she is, and I'm sure that you would agree that she is one huge lump of CUTE! My vet has recently put her on a strict diet, and laughingly said that he thinks Maggie has eaten a bowling ball!! One lazy day last summer, she gazed at me for the longest time, with her sweet, pleading, large yellow "OWL eyes", in obvious anticipation of a kitty treat. I couldn't resist!! (although I knew better than to give in!) and as I put a few "cat crunchies into her food dish, suddenly, out of the clear blue sky, I muttered, "Aw, Maggie, why are you such a "WOOGIE FATSO-FACE"? (I have no idea where that came from!) Anyway, the nickname stuck. But mark my words, I'm going to help her loose that weight (the vet says at least 6 pounds), and hopefully, maybe someday I can start calling her "MISS TWIGGY", instead!! HAHA!! Wish us luck!!

Bonnie Vanarsdale

Pet Name Stinker

I got my cat not too long after George's Harrison's death and he was on my mind a lot so I named my cat George Harrison. He would do funny and mischievous things and I would call him "Stinker Doodle" which changed to "Stinker" which baby talked to "Tinker" which shortened to "Tink" which changed to "Ting" (I don't know why). So the only name he really knows and is known by is "Ting-Ting". However if I call him George - using his (Ting's) voice tone - he will answer.

Jeanne Jones - Cincinnati, Ohio

My Cat Pepper

Pepper is coal black with one little spot of white on his chest. His given name is "Pepper," but very soon I started calling him "Pepe le Pew" like the cartoon character. He's also known as "Pep pep" or "Bully Boy" when he's beating up on his kitty sister. He's a rescue kitty like all of my kitties. Even though he's a bruiser and a bullyboy, he's a lovely boy where I'm concerned. He sleeps on my chest or wherever he can get closest to me.

Leonora Estes

Chewie is so Stinky

I call my cat chewie by his pet name so much that it has become his real name and that name is stink butt.

It started out as stink button- a cute little button of stink when he was a kitten.
He would not and still will not use litter boxes (he will use newspapers instead) but would sit in the litter box and throw the litter over himself.
He also would leave stinky little" presents" wherever he felt like it and still does this sometimes, Stink button got shortened to stink butt instead.
He is also like a dust mop picking up whatever dirt is around on his fur making him a little stinky now and then.

Lynda Van Bueren Pittsburgh Pa.

Christmas Treats

Willow is my cat's real name, but I guess you are correct, I use his pet name more...it's Sugarplum, he actually comes to that name as well. He got into the Christmas tree first year and knocked it down three times. He played with the ornaments till they fell, and found a wrapped package of pounce; they were his treats, just like a child has his sugarplums. I also call him pretty boy, he likes that one as well...how do I know.... because if I call him he comes.... how smart is that.

Lois Sutch

Ricky by every Other Name ...

One of my 3-year-old tabbies, named Ricky has many, many pet names. When we first got him he was the saddest, tiniest little fluff ball, not much bigger than a mouse ... so, I started calling him "little mouse". Now that he's a chubby adult I call him "big mouse". Other pet names for him include but are not limited to: poop, pooper, schnootsy, mousy, stupsy. Mouse and Ricky get his attention. He's the best.

Nicki - Calgary, AB

Son's Unusual Name for his Kitty

Not sure how he came up with it, but my son named his female kitten "Honey Bunches of Sweet Stuff!" When writing, he would shorten it to HBOSS. :) Otherwise it would be simply, "Bunches" or "Bunch a Stuff."

We have another cat...an adorable black kitty, who my daughter named SOOTsie.

Another Black Lab that we had was named "Ebony."

A temperamental Persian I had many years ago was named "Tiffy," and for good reason!

Michelle Toste- Oak Harbor, WA

My cat is Little Girl...but it is a Boy

My son belongs to a fraternity...he brought his cat home because it was getting out a lot and frankly abused by the fraternity boys...I never had a cat...always had dogs. He told me it was a girl and he named it "cat"...so thinking it was a girl...I named it little girl...would never let me pet it downstairs.... was and still is a biter...took it to the vet a couple months later to be fixed...I see the vet's number on my caller id.... all I was thinking...great she's pregnant...now what am I going to do...they said little girl is not a little girl but a boy.... so the vet was calling him little man.... well u know after that surgery. He didn't speak to me for a week...than little girl loves to go out and play with the next-door neighbors cat. So the little boy started calling him EARl.no now the he/she is little girl earl...i still call him little girl...he knows his name.... what's in a name...

Tricia, Mt. Pocono, PA

Pet Names for My Three Girls

My husband and I have three cats: Antigone, Skeeter, and Desdemona. Of course, we have pet names for all three! Antigone goes by "Tiggy," which my husband picked out for her. We also call her "Tiggums." I often call Skeeter "Skeet" because it is a shorter form of the original. Desdemona goes by "Desi" because it is shorter. I also call her "Dizzy" sometimes because she is not very coordinated. And, they all have songs to match their names, too. But that's a whole other e-mail!! :) We are cat crazy!!

Diana L. Poliquin

How My Cat Received His Nickname

My cat is named Keeter and had received his nickname of "Beep" due to the fact that when he was a couple of months old, he would go running through the house so fast that he would sometimes crash into whatever was in his way, like a person or a closed door. Whenever I would see him come charging down the hall, I would shout out, "Beep, Beep - here he comes, get out of the way". I started to call him "Little Beep" after a while and he would responded to that name, and as he grew older, everyone in the household started to call him "Beep". He will be two years old in May and sometimes he will run so fast that he actually goes sliding as he leaves a carpeted area onto the hardwood floor. He is a wonderful pet and brings so much joy to our family!

Donna Saccoccia - Cranston, Rhode Island

The cat makes his own name

I am the mother of 6 cats. Hopscotch walked IN on us 8 years ago. He was a tiny butterscotch kitten. On his first night with us I put him in bed with my husband & I. [I had 2 other old cats at the time - had to keep them separated]. Well this butterscotch kitten would hop on top of the bed after any body part that moved underneath...hence Hopscotch.

I later rescued 5 kittens that were smaller than chipmunks.
The Flully Calico - well that is Cali-girl. She is dippy much like a Valley Girl from California.....Very complex mix of ideas.

Then we have what was the littlest kitten now my second largest: Maunz [pronounced like Ounze with an M at the beginning]. It is a German word for a Mouser kitty, but he actually looked like a mouse when he was little. Rounded ears, interesting face. He must speak German because he is the mouser - loves any kind of toy mouse you can find.
We then have Ramon - who was originally named for the punk band the Ramones. This cat had a small head with a boatload of fur protruding from the ears and cheeks. I didn't want to call him Alien-kitty, so Ramon was good. Well he grew into this hair and is no longer punky...but he is such a lover-boy - that he became - Ramon the Latin lover...

Then there is Dude.... He has his name because when I would bottle feed him he would grab the bottle then his arms would fall behind his head and he would fall asleep "hanging 10" - thus dude. Now he is just a totally cool Dude - and a Mamma's boy!
Finally we have Buddy - the big guy. He just loved to hang by your side when he was young. He is now very independent, but checks in on you from time to time during the day to see how you are. Just a nice buddy.

There you have it - my cats' names and the history behind them. These are just amazing cats. I am glad I didn't give them names like Joe, Steve, Sally, etc.

Have fun with your furry kids!

Christine Berry - Troy, NY

Pet Name for Cheyenne

One of my seven cats got her pet name "Whipper" because her tail is constantly whipping back and forth even when she is sound asleep! Her given name is Cheyenne but now we call her Whipper and she even comes to you when you say her pet name. We have 6 dogs too so she has plenty of playmates!!

Sandi Jones

Sasha, Jazmyne, Sora, and Neji

I have always had pet names for my cats. I have 4 now. Sasha is called Pooh Bear, Sora is my little Cow, Jazmyne is my Squirel, and Neji is Rat Boy. They all look like their pet names because of their colors and the way they act. I think it's normal, if you have kids, think about how often you use their real names when you talk to them, all of my kids have pet names that I call them, my cats are included.

Candy Secor - Vancouver, WA

Ben And Gay

My two cats.....Micky and Minnie (brother and sister).We occasionally call "Ben" and "Gay" because if my husband happens to have some Bengay on his aching knee.... they go crazy.... they love the smell!! They just keep smelling and licking his pants leg. All the other cats just sit there and watch them as if they are loony...too funny!!!

Camille Carter...Hot Springs, Arkansas

My kitten Osiris Purrs a lot

I got Osiris right after Thanksgving. He was free at a gas station and came home. He is all black. Well they said he wasn't social able. Two days later max he is warmed up to us. We discovered his purr lol and what a purr it is. He has the loudest purr I've ever heard in a cat and will purr for no reason it seems. His name may be Osiris but we call him Sir Purr A Lot too. He has lived up to both names.

Sarah Hatter -Santa Maria, California

My Pets 'Pet names'

When I adopted my cat, he was already named Burton. I liked the name, so I kept it. Eventually I started calling him little baby-talk names, because he was so cute! Tons of names-Burty, Burty-Boo, Burty-Boo-Boo, Buddy-Boo, Baby-Boo, Fuzzy-Buddy-So many names I think he started to get confused about what his real name was!!!

Tally Youngblood

Best Pound Puppy

4 years ago my husband John took me to a nice dinner and handed me a card that said "to thank you for your love and support, I want you to get a kitten to add to our family". We already had one cat so I was thrilled for Rachael kitty and myself. We went to "the pound" in North Central Los Angeles the next day where I knew I would truly be saving a life. It was quite a drive for us but they must have had 50 cats! I honestly didn't know how to decide. Then a family came by with an attendant and said they decided and were taking one dog and one cat and they wanted the kitten that was with the little black boy up front. I was holding another kitten at the time and my husband said the one in my arms didn't seem right. Then I realized that the little black boy left alone in the cage looked really sad. The poor little thing was going to be so lonely and he was covered with scabs and scars and was missing part of a footpad. I knew he would have a hard time being adoptable so at that very moment, I said "That one. We'll take that one." On the way home we named him Neo, had his tag made with his new name, bought new toys and dish and picked him up the next day after he'd been neutered and micro-chipped.

The day we brought him home he found his favorite toy and started fetching. After a few weeks, all I had to do was say "ready?" and he would fetch. There was something about him that was so mellow and adaptable and trainable, almost like a puppy. From that first night, he learned "no" and has never begged for food. John kept saying, "he's so polite! He's more like a dog than a cat"; and he hardly ever meows. The first few months (really always) no matter what I was doing, I would stop and play or pet him, whenever, whatever he needed. Since I work at home it was wonderful to have a new baby in the house. After a while, my husband decided that he must be part dog, because he got him to roll over on command. By then Neo was already answering to "puppy".

It took a long time for his scars to heal. I thought the big one on his nose was a mole but after a couple of months it fell off and he is purrfect. His footpad even grew back! He has a super shiny coat, almost like mink. In the sun you can almost see super dark cocoa colored stripes on his fur.

He truly is the best pound puppy in the world, and that's how Neo got his nickname. I'm still trying to teach him to bark since he still hardly ever meows. Woof! Neo, Woof. Good Puppy!

Kaye S Zigrang

How Max got his Nickname

When I got Max I has been hearing a song on college radio that a guy sang about his best friend his Kitty Cat Max. Well, I decided when I got him his name would be Max. Well, Max has two nicknames. One I gave him and one my husband gave him. I call him Honey Dolls. When he comes on the bed at night or up on the couch that is "honey dolls time". When he is playing with his toys or something he has caught, my husband calls it noodling. This gave Max the nickname Capt. Noodles. He answers to both.

Mary - PA

Goober is as Cute as a Button

His name is Goober, but I have taken to calling him Button, because he is as cute as one!

B J Apichella, Newark, Delaware

It just felt 'Right'

Much like my naming her initially, KitKat's pet names have evolved naturally. When I first got her, I had never named a pet before & I wanted to find the perfect one. But, finally after days of racking my brain, a name stuck-KitKat. It just felt right. (Plus she is the color of an actual KitKat-the candy bar, milk chocolate & tan wafers!). Well her nicknames have become many since that time 2 years ago- KitKatBaBitBat, Shuga Shug, Honey Bear, Sweetie-poe-petey, & many more, the list seems to grow weekly. She even has her own PowerPoint that I made! Ok well thats the story of the naming of KitKat Kennedy. Thanks!

Tania Kennedy

Pet Names

My kitty's name is Bella. Her pet names include (Bells, Bella-Boo, Bellsy, Miss Priss, Bella Girl, Baby Girl, and my personal favorite-Belly Button).

Christina Parker - Whiteford, Maryland

My Mabel was a Klutz!

When I got Mabel at 4 months old her name came with her. We tried to find a different name for her but Mabel stuck. We soon discovered that for a cat she was pretty klutzy, she fell off chairs, beds etc. Not to mention knocking things down, my sons noting the hilarity of a clumsy cat started calling her Boo Boo and it has stuck even though she has outgrown her klutz stage the nickname has stuck, she will even answer to her nickname on some occasions.

Barb Towne

My Pets have Middle Names

My cats' "middle" names just seem to pop out of nowhere. There's Gabriel "Puddycat" aka "kittyboy"; Clyde "Mouser" (has no interest in mice); and JR "Honeybunny" -the World's Cutest Kitty. Also Sonia "Begonia" and our pug Jabba "Wamba" aka "Bubby". My son's lab answer's to "Fatdog" (not his real name).

Dawn - Boise, ID

Pet Names for Pets? You Have No Idea...

Kino Ka (KEENO-ka; Algonquin for "papoose; re-birth"), otherwise known as...

Kino-Beano: hey, it rhymed...
Bean Bag: just kind of evolved from Kino-Beano
Keener: everything sounds good when you add "-er"
Whiny Heiny: my baby doesn't meow, he whines!
Slinky Stinker: he slinks around the house like a black panther on the prowl
Cuddlebug: he cuddles with Mama when he knows she needs it
Little Lovey: evolved from Cuddlebug
Furry Purry: he purrs whenever he is with his Mama
His "little sister" is Nianque (nee-AHN-qway; Lenni Lenape for "wild cat"), or...

Steve: we had her for 3 weeks, and still couldn't come up with an appropriate name for her. My husband decided we should name her after the photographer at my best friend's wedding...my husband's an odd man...

Neon Quoits: my father came up with this play off of her name...he, too, is an odd man...
Smelly/Stinky: my husband started calling her this once when he felt she needed a bath...it's meant with affection, really!
Little Girl: she's a puny little thing, barely 9 pounds; but that was before she became...
NianQuake: Nianque is totally taking advantage of her brother's recent surgery and subsequent lack of appetite; my sister thought of this play off of her name
Tubby: my husband's contribution to Nianque's expanding girth

Kitten-Cat & Kitten-Kitty (respectively): this is a tradition that actually started with a German Sheppard-Black Lab mix I grew up with; my family always talked to her like and treated her as though she was a puppy. A large dog that should have only lived about 9 years, Heidi lived to be over 16 years old. If it worked for a dog, it should work for cats, right? And when the time comes that Kino Ka passes, should we ever adopt another kitten, Nianque will hold the Kitten-Cat title and her younger sibling will hold the Kitten-Kitty title.

Julieann from PA

My Cassie was So Fat

When I rescued Cassie from a life outside, after several litters, she was nice and trim. Spaying, plenty of good healthy food and staying indoors eventually put the weight on her. She became my "big dumplin'". Even though she's no longer as fat as she was, the name has held on.

Marianne Mayer - Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

BC - short for Barn Cat

She was one of the first cat I had as an adult
and initially her name was due to her origin - she came from a dairy barn and although she was a white kitten, when we took her home she was manure brown. She got so many baths the first week that we had her that she decided that she loved baths. Whenever her humans would take a bath, she would join us in the tub. Thus, we amended her name to stand for Bathtub Cat, or sometimes for Basket Case! - Cheryl Yuill, Veterinarian


Pretzel is currently an 18 year old cat (and sleeping beside my computer), I rescued her from the humane society. She was pregnant and extremely ill with an upper respiratory infection that had spread to bronchopneumonia. I kept her isolated in my office at work, and as she responded to treatment she began to explore her new surroundings. In spite of her late stage of pregnancy, she would manage to squeeze into very tight quarters, earning her the name Pretzel. As she is a calico with mostly orange and black patches, her color is reminiscent of a pretzel. - Cheryl Yuill, Veterinarian


My 15 year-old calico/tortie is named "Scraps", because a British gentleman who met her made the comment "Oh, she's made up of lovely bits and scraps, isn't she?


A blue cream tortoiseshell who is precious to me; named after the "blue" gemstone which is the birthstone of the month in which she became a stray at the humane society. - Cheryl Yuill, Veterinarian


(Pronounced came-in)- she was a pretty tortoiseshell that was dumped in an apartment building where my technician lived. She "came in" pregnant, and became our clinic cat. Her name also evoked the Cayman Islands, an exotic vacation destination for many - the dual meaning of her name always brought a smile to peoples' faces. After her kittens were born we found great homes for all of them with our clients. - Cheryl Yuill, Veterinarian


An orange tabby who "turned up" at the clinic one day because her first owners didn't want her; the orange of her coat was dark, resembling a turnip. - Cheryl Yuill, Veterinarian


We eventually had to place turnup in another home because she was too mischievous (kept jumping into clients' bags or carriers, bugging other animals. We adopted Rutabaga as Turnup's replacement, so naturally she had to have a name that was a synonym of turnips. - Cheryl Yuill, Veterinarian


This stray cat was picked up by the humane society and brought to our clinic for an examination. She had a badly broken foreleg that had to be amputated; thus her name I lean. - Cheryl Yuill, Veterinarian

Do you have a favorite pet name for your cat? Email us and tell us your story. Email Us!

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