New Gadgets For Pet Lovers


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The technology world was purring recently with a new development from the Sony Computer Science Lab and the University of Tokyo. Thanks to the Cat@log, cats can join in on the Twitter phenomenon. A tiny GPS, camera, and acceleration sensor track your cat's movements and deduce what activity they are engaged in. It then sends one of several preprogrammed messages to a Twitter account where you can check in on Fluffy's adventures. Cat@log was designed with an eye for safety and comfort, and is still under development as scientists perfect the technology. This isn't the first time pets have been introduced to Twitter, however. Another upcoming product called PuppyTweets tracks your dog's activities and posts them to their own Twitter feed. Want to know when your pup is sleeping or barking? Just check their Tweets! While you're waiting for these cool products to hit the market, check out some of the other great gadgets designed for use with your pet.


Lots of new technologies are designed to help keep pets safe. Products such as microchips and chip scanners have become more advanced in recent years as scientists improve them.

Puppy Bumpers

Clever inventors sometimes also find offbeat ways to protect animals. One such product is Puppy Bumpers. These soft, stuffed collars prevent small dogs from wriggling through fences or off balconies. By forming a physical barrier that makes it difficult for the animal to push through railings, Puppy Bumpers keep your dog in the safety of your home.


Some cats are great at hiding. In fact, some can seem to vanish into thin air, worrying even the calmest of pet parents. If you find yourself playing Hide and Seek with your cat on a regular basis, the Loc8tor is a welcome solution. A handheld device sends out a radio signal which interacts with a small homing tag attached to your cat's collar. As you get closer to your cat an audible tone becomes louder and more lights activate on the handset. Additional homing tags also work with the same device, so you can keep track of all of your feline family members at once.


Gadgets keep pets safe but they also help them have fun too. Does your dog love to fetch? This type of play helps dogs exercise and burn off extra energy but even the most devoted pet lover can get tired of tossing the ball. In a move that makes you wonder "Why didn't I think of that?", one company developed the GoDogGo automatic tennis ball launcher. You can customize the launcher to eject tennis balls every 7 or 15 seconds. Your dog can enjoy hours of romping fun while you can focus on other things – like buying more tennis balls.

Litter Genie LItterboxes

Finally, you can treat your cat to space-age luxury with an updated version of the self-cleaning litterbox. Traditionally, self-cleaning boxes required special litters and cleaning cartridges. Many cats love having a perpetually clean box but the costs can quickly add up. Litter Genie litterboxes take a fresh look at old litter by connecting to an existing bathroom or laundry room water line. Washable granules filter out waste, and a stream of water cleans and deodorizes the area in preparation for your cat's next visit. There's no need to use conventional litter or touch kitty waste, and that's a refreshing change.

The next time you're checking out the newest phones or computers, don't forget the animals! Pets are part of our families, and new technologies are aimed at making their lives with us happier, healthier, and more fun. There's no dog laptop or kitty smartphone on the horizon just yet, but continuously developing pet technology might mean surprises in the future for pets.

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