Snoop Dogg Pet Fashions – Who is the Doggfather Anyway?


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Calvin Broadus was born October 20, 1971, in Long Beach, California. When he was a little boy his mother dubbed him Snoopy because of his love for the television show Peanuts, which was based on the popular comic strip, and contained a dog of the same name. As an adult he became a rap singer and used the name Snoop Doggy Dog, which was later shortened to Snoop Dog.

Last year Snoop Dogg, now an infamous rapper and the self-proclaimed "Doggfather" introduced a new line of toys and clothing for, you guessed it, dogs! It seems everyone is getting in on the dog-loving trend, so it is only surprising the Snoop didn't get busy making pet products sooner. Snoop Dogg says about his new pet products line, "Go get some quick, dogg-gone-it! 'Cuz Snoop Dogg said so. Bow Wow!"

The first assortment in the Snoop Dogg line-up includes a DJ Headset, Boom Box, Dogg Bone and Football, all of which are double stitched and made from durable plush and ballistic fabrics and are reported to be safe and fun play for dogs. The Boom Box and Doberman Plush Toy play sound clips of Snoop Dogg. The Canvas Bone has a squeaker. So not matter which toy you choice, Snoop is helping your pooch make some noise. His company proclaims that "Snoop Dogg toys keep dogs and their hip hop loving owners grooving together." Suggested retail prices range from $5.99-$8.99.

The Snoop Dogg clothing assortment from JPI Pets was launched on and personifies the iconic rapper's style with a hip hop and urban feel. Styles in the first assortment include a Snoop Dogg doggie Basketball Jersey, animal print Faux Fur Coat and a Doggfather Hoodie Sweatshirt. What dog wouldn't look great in a leopard print hoodie or wearing a little gansta attitude. All of Snoop's dog apparel is available in a variety of sizes from extra small to extra large, creating a walking fashion statement for fans of the Hip Hop legend and their dogs. Suggested retail price range from $12.99-$24.99.

Snoop Dogg plush toys are the only pet items officially approved by the Doggfather himself and come with sound chips that give your dog a personal shout out. Designed to reflect the unique style of Snoop Dogg these toys are out of the ordinary and a perhaps a fun addition to the collection of toys that your dog owns.

Pet and rap lovers are loving these toys, but care should be taken with choosing the right toy for the right dog. These toys are meant for big dogs. Some of the plush toys have been unable to withstand the chewing habits of even small dogs. This can cause trouble if the pooch gets to the sound chip inside of the toys while no one is watching. You wouldn't want to you favorite pup to swallow the electronics. However, for interactive and supervised play many dogs seem to love playing with Snoop.

So not all of the toys may be perfect for your pooch, but how irresistible is a plush Doberman that says, "Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay" in Snoop Dogg's voice? In fact, I think I need to buy one for myself!

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