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Chew toys, treat balls, even videos and computer games designed for pets – over the years you've bought them all for holidays and birthdays for your pet. So how can you top yourself this year?

The pet manufacturing industry has a few ideas to encourage you to unlimber your wallet. Each of the products in the following list has won in its category at recent pet product trade shows.

Although the holiday season is a way off, the industry is glowing with the promise of profits, even in the face of the current economic downturn.

Dog Category
First Place: Talk To Me Treat Ball

As you prepare to leave for work, your puppy looks at you with his big, sad eyes, making your heart sag in your chest. But you have to go to work; how else can you afford to keep your pet in the lap of luxury that he is accustomed to?

Relieve your oppressive guilt with the Talk To Me Treat Ball, produced by Macsales, Inc. When your dog bats the ball around, he hears your recorded voice of love and praise. The ball also dispenses a treat when nudged or rolled. They come in assorted colors, including red and green for the Christmas season.

Cat Category
First Place: Litter Free

This is the world's first flushable cat toilet. It looks like an enclosed litter box, but it uses water and cleaning solution to cleanse itself. After your cat has answered the call of nature in the granule-filled litter box, water pours onto the granules three times, separating the waste from the granules and dissolving the waste. The circulating water carries the waste through a hose into your toilet.

A cleaning solution then treats the odor-causing material, and a built-in dryer blows hot air on the granules, leaving them clean and dry for the next use.

Bird Category
First Place: Lifescapes Play Area

A great place to hang out for your bird. Three sizes can accommodate any type of pet bird, from cockatiels to macaws, providing them the space they need to stretch their wings and play. The cage offers fully adjustable, all manzanita perches; covered feeders that prevent waste contamination and reduces mess; a slide-out tray that's easy to clean; rings to hang toys; and optional accessories.

Fish Category
First Place: Mini-Bow 5 Translucent Aquarium Kit

Offered by All-Glass Aquarium, the kit presents a unique design of a stylish bow-front acrylic aquarium that maximizes viewing while saving on space. The classic black aquarium is complemented by four translucent colors: rose, teal, orange and purple.

Small Animal/Reptile Category
First Place: Critter Cruiser

You can fulfill your gerbil's or hamster's dream of being a race car driver with the Critter Cruiser, an interactive "critter-powered" race car. The cruiser features a unique adjustable comfort wheel to let your critter work the car in three different ways. He can:

  • Spin in place
  • Race on a flat surface
  • Race on a hamtrac (sold separately)

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