Travel Ideas: Dog Friendly Hotel in Denver


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It's early evening at the Westin Tabor Center Hotel and a guest has just called room service for a fish dinner. A normal request, maybe, but the fish is not for the person in room 206; it's for his penguins. A guest in 404 also orders fish. But he's having a steak and the salmon filet is for her 2-year-old Persian cat. Besides penguins and cats, sheep, miniature horses, dogs, bulls and even Santa's reindeer have graced the guest list.
The Westin Tabor Center Hotel, Denver, Colo., is located just blocks from the Denver Performing Arts Complex and historic lower downtown. Its business friendly guest rooms and spacious meeting rooms are some of the nicest in the city. It's adjacent to the 16th Street Mall, a pedestrian thoroughfare with complimentary shuttles to museums, shopping and the Colorado Convention Center. Its spectacular mile-high swimming pool overlooks the Rocky Mountains.

Some hotels note incoming pet owners with "uh-oh you've got a pet." At the Westin Tabor hotel it's "Oh! You've got a pet," proudly exclaims Susan Stiff, public relations director. The staff enthusiastically welcomes pets with their two-legged companions. "We think they're fun to see," Stiff continues. "We all have dogs, every single manager (in the hotel) has a pet. Our director of marketing has a cockatiel, which lived with her in the hotel when she first came. I think there's a real joy in seeing an animal (at the hotel). The other thing that I've found is that people who travel with their pets do so because they care about them and want to be with them. People traveling with their pets don't trash guest rooms."

Some celebrities and their pets have stayed including Jerry Lewis' shih tzus, Robert Goulet's cats, author Amy Tans' Yorkshire terrier and Joan Rivers' dog Spike. Some lesser known but just as important guests have been, a golden retriever named Jake who stays at the hotel regularly with his companion, an attorney. The attorney does business during the week and his wife meets him on weekends. On Saturdays, she drops Jake off at the hotel sales office while she has lunch at the Palm restaurant with her husband.

You too can bring your pet to the Westin Tabor Center. "We do not have special pet amenities or pet food items, though we will deliver whatever special item a pet owner requests," states Stiff. What a nice way to treat their most lovable customers.

For information contact the Westin Tabor Center 1672 Lawrence Street
Denver, Colo. 80202 or make reservations at 888-625-5144. Web site address is

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