Letters to Santa - Top Requests from the Dog…


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Few people are aware of this, but there is a facility next to Santa's workshop, a sort of building annex, dedicated to receiving and fulfilling the wishes of pets. Surprised? You may be startled to know that Santa has been delivering goodies to pets long before the advent of doggie daycares, spas and the plethora of toys that line pet store shelves. The annex is quite large to accommodate the millions of wish lists sent to the North Pole each year by pets.

Dogs and cats may not be able to manipulate a pen, but they know how to get their wishes across – as any pet owner can appreciate! Of course, the foremost wish of dogs and cats is the gift of a good home and a loving family.

Once that's attained, of course, there are a few other goodies they want. We've gotten hold of this normally secret list.

Here are the top requests from the dog:

Pet Cushions . Self-warming cushions utilize a space-age material with a reflective surface that reflects the pet's own body heat back to the animal. These great cushions fold for easy travel and are machine washable.

Festive Bandanas. Available from many pet stores or make your own! The directions are easy – try it!.

Kong. No, this is not a toy in the shape of the overgrown gorilla. The Kong is a toy that is hard and relatively indestructible. Kibbles of food or treats can be hidden inside. Your dog plays with it to release food, giving him both exercise and something he loves – treats!

A New Leash. Okay, it was not the leash as much as the opportunity for a walk. He's hoping that a sporty new leash will get you to take him out more often. Get the hint?

Treats. Any kind, any shape, anything will do. Homemade treats are great as well and test your cooking skill. Small pieces of vegetable, small serving of rice or air popped popcorn are easy and relatively safe treats!

A Day at Doggy Daycare. Ah, the life of luxury afforded by a good doggy daycare. Grooming, professional massage, spas, and time to romp with other well behaved dogs along with nap time. Check the Yellow Pages or the Internet for a good daycare near you. (Some even provide a "Petcam" to let you watch them while they play.)

Orthopedic Dog Bed for Big Dogs. An 8 inch think mattress made for big dogs are among the top requests this year by dogs of all sizes and s hapes. SuperSoft Orthopedic Dog Bed Available from various vendors on Amazon.If this bed won't fit into your budget, most dogs think your bed will work just fine.

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