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A week or so ago...I asked you for your dog's letters to Santa. I got several wonderful letters that I'd like to share with you.

Jack Thinks he has been MOSTLY Good...

Dear Santa Paws,

My name is Jack. I have been mostly good this year. I have made a lot of friends this year, and I play with them very well, until I get tired. When I'm tired, Mommy says I'm cranky.

I have all the toys in the world. Daddy says Mommy spoils me. She just gave me a rawhide baseball the other day, and I've impressed her by chasing it around the house.
Santa Paws, since I have every toy in the world, could you bring me a real squirrel or bunny? I would like a real squirrel or bunny. If you think I have been good enough, could I have one of each? I'm sure Mommy and Daddy won't mind. I'd even take a rat if you have one.


Lisa Sansone--Penfield, New York

I've Been a Good Girl...Mostly

Dear Santa:

I've been a very good girl this year... well mostly a good girl. I would like a new bed for Christmas. (I really didn't mean to tear up the last one... I just wanted to see what was inside). And I would like a new squeeky toy, and a new tug-o-war rope. I think Pup buried the one you brought last year. Oh, and some of my favorite dog biscuits! Mom only lets me have those tiny ones, but I want the BIG ones!

And Santa, I have just one more request... as you're flying thru the heavens, would you keep an eye out for my little sister, Twirler? Mom says she went to heaven a couple of months ago. I keep looking for her, and calling her, but she never answers, and I miss her terribly. Please tell her I love her, and I'm keeping her favorite squeeky Snowman for her. Maybe you could give her another Snowman to play with until I can take this one to her??

Thank you Santa!



Jo Little - Miami, Florida

Letters from Abby and Suka ... Chew Toys and Treats!

Dear Santa

My Abbigail is really jealous, because recently we adopted a Siberian Husky that is only 7 months old. Abby is so good to the puppy, and even though Abby is 7 years old, she herself acts like a puppy and still guards our children, ourselves, and my mom and dad. She is such a wonderful loyal dog.

Thank you god for such a wonderful blessing. (Two Blessings!)

Dear Santa,

Abby would like a couple of denta-bones and some good strong other toys to chew on, and some good treats for being such a good girl the last seven years! She so smart! Oh.......Dear Santa please don't forget about our new Siberian Huskey named "Suka"...It means "fast" in Alaska. She would like some chew toys and treats too! Thank You and Merry Christmas!!

Brandy (owner), Abbigail (The Rot), and Suka (The Huskey)

Brandy L. Moore


My Pug Wrinkles is so excited about Christmas!

Dear Santa,

Wrinkles was so excited to see me put the Christmas tree up and the decorations. He was really happy when I showed him his stocking. Wrinkles wants Santa to know he has been a good boy this year. He would like some new chew toys, squeaky ball, and a bone. He would be happy with any new toys! He is tired watching me put up decorations and he is taking a nap. PLEASE SANTA DON'T FORGET ME! Love, Wrinkles

Becky Carter - Charleston, IL

Winston's Wish

Dear Santa,
This is going to be my second Christmas, my birthday is December 12th. I am not sure who I am suppose to thank so I am sending YOU this letter I have a great big house and a yard and my Mom & Dad are the best. We have the coolest neighbors that bring me gifts, take me for walks and my best friend Crystal even slept over when Mom & Dad were on vacation just so I would feel comfortable. I am very lucky.

So, Santa my wish is that any dog that finds a new home at Christmas is treated just as special as I am. They should be loved and cared for just like one of the family. I know it is a big responsibility to take care of us, and we are really thankful for everything. Santa, I wish people really take the time and realize it is a big desision when they bring a pet into their home. It is very sad when spring comes around and we are not the little rolly polly balls of fur anymore and sometimes children and adults start to loose interest and patience and some of us end up at a shelter, missing our new family and the fun we had. So, Sant you don't have to stop at my house this year, I have everything I need. Use that time to place one of us that is not as fortunate with a family just like mine.

Thanks again Santa,

Hugs & Licks

Debbie -New Jersey

Wilma, Brigitte and Sluggo's Christmas lists

Dear Santa,

I am writing for my three pugs. We are actually owned by 3 pugs. They each have very different things on their lists.

We'll start with Wilma, the royal beast. Of coarse she will demand another year of being worshipped by all beings that encounter her. She would appreciate a new bed for each room of the house. Of course they should be heated for the cold New England winter. Also included is all the high end organic human grade treats she can eat. She should also continue to be served by the other "dogs" we brought on staff for her.

Next is Brigitte. She is easy. Just give her continuous uninterrupted time with her mommy. She gave us her list already, it reads...my mommy, my mommy, my mommy, my mommy, my mommy, my mommy....you get the idea.

Lastly, the new kid Sluggo. He would like 365 new lambies (our word for chew toys) One to destroy for each day of the year.

We shouldn't have too much trouble fulfilling their desires, after all it's what we were bred for!!!

Happy healthy holidays to all the people and their beloved pets this season!
Love, Wilma Brigitte and Sluggo

Kathy Waldron - Hamden, CT


Trip's Christmas Wish

Dear Santa,

My name is Trip, short for Tripod , as I only have three legs. It doesn't bother me though. I still get around better than my mom on her best day. She says I'm "fast as lightning". My Christmas wish is that my poppa would stop smoking. It's not good for me and my mom is always upset when he lights a cigarette in the house where I can breathe it. She says she does everything in the world to keep me healthy. But she can't make him stop and I wish he'd stop not only so she'd stop worrying so much, since I mean the world to her, but also for my health. I overheard her say the vets confirm that if your pet is in a non-smoking household it improves their lifespan. And I need to be around a long time for my mommy.

Thank you,


Trip Reese Cypress,Texas

Christmas Wishes

Dear Santa,

I know that I'm pretty little but I want to make sure that there will be something for me under the tree, but I'm not sure what "the tree" is. I am Jessie and I'm 5 months old and I'm a black Labrador Retriever. I live with my birth mother, Belle and my half brother Ben, (they're black Labs, too) and my mommy and daddy too. They didn't plan on keeping me after mama Belle's 10 other puppies went to their homes, but mommy says that she saved the best one for herself. Santa, I have to eat from my food bowl on the floor, not a raised up one like Ben and Belle have. I'd love to have a new food dish with legs so that I don't have to break my neck to eat. And if it's not asking too much, could you bring me my very own Nylabone? My half brother, Ben, could always use a few thousand tennis balls. Ben would rather chase tennis balls than eat, and that's really saying something! Mama Belle would really love it if you brought her her own rabbit, because she chases them all the time but she can't catch them, but then, she climbs trees to catch birds, too. One time, she caught one and brought it to mommy. I think that if you can bring us these things, we'd be so happy. My mommy tells me that I am her gift every day but she tells Ben and mama Belle that, too. I'll be listening for you on Christmas Eve but mommy says that I'm a good sleeper (I cuddle in bed with her and daddy) so I might not hear you. Thank you, Santa for whatever presents you can bring to me and my family.

Love, Jessie

Sharon Cook - Hollidaysburg, Pa.

What I want for Christmas

Dear Santa (I know you are a Greyhound);

I have been a very good greyhound and my mom loves me so much she gives me everything I need. So I was wondering if you could just bring some of my racing buddies a mom like I got. That would be a great gift. If that is asking too much, maybe you could just deliver them a few packages of flea treatments or some chew toys or treats as they dont get to have these things in the racing/adoption kennels. That would make me very happy and I would promise to be good for another year --or more.

Love, Junior (Scoobs)

PS I really could use a new stuffed hedgehog!

Jane Accardo-West Linn, Or


All I want for Christmas

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is Mommy to get a full time job. She has been a substitute rural mail carrier for going on 10 years and is a single Mom trying to raise me and my big brother on a part time salary. Money is tight. But if Santa reads this I could also use a new rope to play tug with.

Valerie Liechty - Ohio City, Ohio

My Christmas List for Santa, from Ace

Dear Santa Paws

Although my mom will not tell you that I have been a good boy this year I still have hopes of presents under my tree.

I would like more doggie friends, Miss Maggie is not real playful now that she's old. And for the kittens not to hide from me and easier access to the trash cans and lastly opposable thumbs so that I can get in the closet where mom's shoes are - they are so tasty that I need more to chew on.


Ace, the devilish doggie

Susan Smith

Chase's Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is to once again be able to run and play again with my people. My mom tells me that I have torn my cruciate ligament (the thing that holds my knee together) and all I can do right now is hop around on three legs now. My mom won't let me run because I might hurt my other knee. I have been cooped up in the house since early November and I am starting to get depressed. The snow came yesterday and I can't even go out and dig in a snow bank. My dad says I have to have surgery next week to fix my knee. The surgeon is going to do something called a TPLO. This involves cutting right through the bone in my leg and then putting it back together with a metal plate. I am scared! The vet says I should be up and walking on my leg within a week and then I have to have physiotherapy in a pool. I love pools! I also wish my parents could win the lottery as I know I am costing them alot of money and I feel bad. My mom sure wishes she had signed up for pet insurance before this happened!

So Santa, hopefully when you come down the chimney on Christmas eve, I will be able to run on all four legs to greet you and help you put presents under the tree for my people who take such good care of me.



Susanne Scannell - Uxbridge, Ontario

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

Dear Santa,

I wish you could give me my teeth back, you see I was not taken very well care of before, I was put out in the cold and abused. I was not fed very well so my teeth got really bad. When my Mama adopted me I smelled really really bad so she took me to the vet. The vet said I needed my teeth cleaned so she decided to do it, WOW that was a lot of money, but when they started, my teeth were so bad the vet had to pull all of them. Now my tongue hangs out the side of my mouth because I have no teeth. But I am all better now, I can eat pretty well because my Mama cuts my food up real small. But it sure would be nice to have my teeth back so I could chew on a bone. So if Santa can do it I would like to have my teeth back.

Dorothy Matlock


What I Want for Christmas!

Dear Santa,

Well, first get rid of the Kitties! Take them away in your sleighs! I want a new bone, and could use a new ball, because the old one has holes in it, and that's not any fun! I want some stuff toys that look like cats, so I can rip them apart! Don't listen to that cat, Santa He is mean! He scratches me all the time!

Debbie Roth, Deland, Florida

Zoe's Christmas List

Dear Santa,

I am a four year old Cocker Spaniel and I have been a good girl this year. Well.......accept for a little bit of Cocker Spaniel attitude here and there.

There is not much I want this year. Who needs more then a family that loves me and my Rubber Chicken. Don't even try to get me a new one because it just won't be the same. He may be slimy and kind of green but he is mine.

I've heard some kids say they want their two front teeth or a bike to ride on but more then anything Santa I want to be able to jump and play again. You see I was running last Wednesday when a sudden pain stopped me in my tracks. I lost the use of my back legs and my owners are not sure if they can afford the surgery to make me better.

I heard about your miracle on 34th street but can you please bring one my way?

Barbara Sigg-Ambler PA

Alfonzo's Christmas story

Dear Santa,

Hello my name is Alfonzo, I'm a 8 month old bichon-poodle. My humans saved me from a bad breeding mill and lucky for me they did, I was very sick. It has taken over 5 months and a lot of vet visits to get me healthy but I'm on the road to recovery.

My Christmas wish list for this year is to be healthy so I can have fun and play with my humans. I have to say though that I've over heard them talking about buying me lots of gifts and a big stocking to put out for Santa to fill. So far I think I'm getting a toy box, toys and some clothes, but don't tell them I know what I'm getting they think it's a surprise.
Thanks and Have a Merry Christmas

From: Alfonzo Bye

P.S I think I would also like some more long underwear PJ's, they are cozy and warm. I wear a size medium.

Reshelle Bye - Lindsay Ontario

All I want for Christmas

Dear Santa,

I want to be healthy, lately I've been not doing so well. And I want my Mom to find happiness in the coming year, maybe a new Dad for me! FURY

Nancy Townsend, Willingboro NJ

What Sissy Girl, my cairn terrier, would love for Christmas

Dear Santa,

I would like for all my fellow cairns who are in the awful puppymills, being used as breeders, over and over to be rescued. I would also like for all the other dogs to be rescued. That is my Christmas wish. I was one of the lucky ones. I was rescued at 1 month old and adopted at 3 months old. I am now 3 years old and living in the lap of luxury. My wish is that God would look down on these poor fur babies and keep them safe and warm and help them find a better life. I have everything I could possibly want or need and I only pray that the others find that. That is my Christmas wish.

Merry Christmas to all,

Ann Anderson- Hildebran, NC


All I want for Christmas is you and a tennis ball

Dear Santa (owner),

You found me, in a shelter. I looked sad and dirty. You took me home, loved me, cleaned me up and fed me. I felt like the luckiest dog in the world. Then each day you left me alone. I was so bored. I found some things to play with. You got mad at me when I played with your shoes, underwear and even your toothbrush.

You bought me some terrific toys and played with me. I was soo happy. Then you left again each day and when you got home you were too tired to play with me. You would let me out in the yard. I got bored so I dug holes and tasted the plants out in the yard. I got sick. You took me to the vet, and I got better. But the toys just layed there. I tried to play with them but they didn't move. It wasn't fun without you.

Dear Santa (owner) all I want for Christmas is my owner to play with me. Each day.



Betsy - Michigan

Help my Mama

Hi--we're Baby and Aldo. I would like Mommy's knee to get better, so she can take us on some exciting adventures again. Mommy got me all kinds of clothes to keep me warm, but I don't like clothes. (Aldo). I would be happy with some bully sticks and liver I have enough fur anyway, don't need clothes. (Baby). Thanks Dr. Debra for all the great advice and fun videos! Happy Holidays! The Weinsteins

Cookie and A Toy

Dear Santa, Mom and I are ready for you! I would like some cookies please, I like the ones that look like mommy's cookies. I would also like a new toy please. Mom and I are going to donate some of my older toys to a shelter, I don't know what that is, but we are going there to have my picture taken with you on Saturday.Thank you Santa for all the toys you have brought me since I was just a pup 12 years ago. Oh yea mom told me I have to ask you for a Pedi paws, I sure hate to have my nails trimmed and baths yuck. Do you have to take a bath Santa? Max in Florida

I'm the SWEETEST Girl in the World

Dear Santa, I have been a very good girl this year and all the years before too! Mommy says I'm the sweetest girl in the world and she wouldn't know what to do without me! This Christmas is going to be a hard one for me and mommy. We lost my sister this year and Christmas was her favorite holiday. So my #1 wish is for you to bring her a present in heaven for us and make sure it is wrapped up because her favorite thing about Christmas was unwrapping the presents, she liked what was inside too but mostly the unwrapping part. I'm sure mom will have me and my 2 brothers (the cats) covered but, if you have time I guess I would like a stuffed animal with a squeaker so I can tear out all the stuffing to get to the squeaking thing, and I love bones and bisquits!!!! You can never have enough bisquits!!! Thanks Santa and please tell my sister in heaven "Cricket" that me and mommy love her and miss her a whole lot!!! Merry Christmas!!! Petunia and Mom (Karen)

Take Care of Less Fortunate Dogs

Dear Santa; My name is Sophie & I am a 2 year old Yorkie. I just want to tell you how lucky I am that I have a beautiful home with two wonderful parents who make me feel special every day . They see to all my needs and love me unconditionally so asking for more would be a little selfish especially since there are other pets who no longer have the homes they once did or never been so lucky to have a good home . Please Santa , take care of all the other dogs / cats that need what I am already lucky to have. Thank you Santa, Love Sophie

Help Our Brother to See Again

Dear Santa Paws, There are 5 of us, not counting the one that we are asking for, & we do live in a very loving home. Our Mom & Da Da are the best to us. The only thing we are asking for is that our Beagle adopted brother (Little Guy) is able to see again. You see he is blind & has been since he came to live with us. You see he won't be able to see again, unless a miracle happens. Mom & Da Da says that miracles happen all the time. We don't know why it had to happen, he was on a country road all by himself when someone took him to our Vet. That person was an angel that picked him up. We think that you sent that person, to pick him up, so he could come & live with us. We would love it if that miracle happened. Maybe Santa Paws you could help. That is really all we need & are asking for Christmas. Love You Santa Paws, Miss Sassy (Chihuahua) Miss KC (Beagle) Mr Buddy (Beagle) Miss Bailey (Beagle) & Miss Brownie (Beagle Mix)

Mama's Love is ALL I Need

Dear Santa, I don't want anything for myself this Christmas,I have my Mom's love and that's the best gift in the world,but Santa could you open people's eye's like opening a present to see giving love is the best present they too can give;there is so many happy returns.

Something for My Bro so He Leaves Me Alone

dear santa,my name is smokey i'am 11 years old and my mom and sister brought home a boxer/mastiff puppy it was ok in the begining but now he is 7 months old and thinks i'am a toy please santa bring my new brother bowzer a realy big chew toy so he will leave me alone.also please tell my brother chance who passed away i love him and merry christmas. love smokey p.s. i HAVE BEEN VERY GOOD THIS YEAR.

To Be Honest - I Wasn't Very Good

Hi santa it is me cisco i know i was not a good boy this year chewing on everything in site even mom and dad but hay i am only 1 1/2 but i don't look it .all i want is my freind max to get better he hurt his leg then come over and play with me all day .o.k. i would like more toys to chew on even if i have a truck load. p/s my mom helped me write this peggy gooden wading river NY

Bring Me Something I Can't Chew Up

Dear Santa, Please bring me some indestructable toys i can play with that squeek and make noise. I have chewed up every toy my daddy has bought me. They are no challenge to me to play with. I am a little miniture Doxie and I am about 1 1/2 yrs old. I wasnt wanted in my first 2 homes but now I am so wanted here. I like to chase the 6 cats around and bark at them by the way santa can you send them something too they have been pretty good cats all year too. Letting me play with them and chase them all around the house. So please can you find me some tough toys that dont tear up easy and squeek and make noise. Love you Santa Love, TinkerBell

Mama Says I'm Ornery

Dear Santa, Hi. I'm Bridget, a 3 year old black/white Standard poodle. (The vet calls me "a tuxedo" cause I look like I an wearing a tuxedo.) I think I've been good this year, but my mom might not agree with me. You see, I'm what she calls ornery. If you could see it my way, I would like a new bed (my "sister" Dolly, a mini-poodle, and I always end up chewing our beds and making a mess. My mom says that the living room looks like a houseful of clouds when she comes home from teaching school.) I would also like some yummy tasting treats and some BIG chew bones. Dolly would be happy with lots of balls cause she is obsessed about playing ball! I don't understand the fun in it. Would you also find good homes for some homeless dogs in shelters? That would be fantastic!! Thank you, Santa, for letting me write to you. Love, Bridget (and Dolly)


A Bigger Bed

Dear Santa, My name is Panino. I have been mostly good this year.I would like a new Bed for christmas because the one I already have is small. I've been dreaming for new yummy biscuits and new coloured hoodies ( to wear ). If you think I have been good enough, could I have one of each? I'm sure Mommy and Daddy won't mind. Love, Panino Nathalie Schembri

I want My Kitty

Dear Santa: It's Chloe here. I have tried really hard to be a good girl this year (if all the other dogs would stop talking smack every time I get near them and scaring this big brave pit bull, I may like them better). What I would really like, in addition to lots and lots of Meaty Bones, is for my mama to get a place where we can have our kitten, Princess Fruitcake, live with us. And to stop moving so much. And for my mama to get a job so we can get our very own forever home. And for Princess to get a cure for her rhinotracheitis so she stops getting so sick. I really miss my Princess, and she misses me too, but there are other kitties where mama and I are living, and mama does not want them to get sick. I also want my grandmother to win the lottery, as she has spent so much money on Princess and me (MOSTLY Princess) keeping us well. Oh, if you see other dogs that look like me, please make sure that they are not being used for things like dog fighting as maybe some of them are my babies (that were born before my mama got me) or my grandbabies, etc...and I have always been a very good and loving mother figure and I do not want to see my babies hurt. Sincerely, Chloe Myers

I"ll try not to scare Your Raindeer

Dear Santa Paws, I have been a joy to my family this year. As far as I know my "cousins" (Sanford, Sadie, Cocoa, Jax, and Saki) have been good too. I have a stocking by the chimney, and would love a bone and new toy. But, since my family "adopted" me, I really have nothing I wish for, except for all the poor little animals left behind and may be out in the cold this year to be taken care of and be loved. I am happy when "papa" takes me for a ride in the red truck and for walks. Sometimes, we see a deer that may be one of your reindeer, so I try not to bark or chase it away. Thank you !!! Kaya

A Bigger Bed and A Home

Dear Santa Paws, No toys, no treats - just a bigger bed on which to sleep (Mom just keeps insisting that she has to have more than 2 inches of the bed at night - I guess I stretch out a bit!!!) You see Santa Paws, I have so much - I lived with several families until you gave me a place to call my own. And now I have lots of walks, kids to love on, and lots of treats and love all my own. If only more lonely doggies and kitties could find such a place this Christmas season. Sigh!!! Love, Jacob the Lhasa Apso. (And Mom - Nancy in New York)

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