Did Paris Hilton Popularize the Chihuahua?


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Paris Hilton, a famous beauty, is often accompanied by her little Chihuahua. Paris Hilton is a person, who, by way of her fate of inheriting obscene amounts of money, is in the public eye. And she has gotten an incredible amount of press recently with her "jail" thing. And as such, everything she does is discussed, analyzed and debated by the watching public who really know very little about her. A common question that comes up is...Is she a good dog owner?

As I talk to friends and family, it seems that dog lovers cannot agree on whether or not she is a good dog owner. It is difficult to know what goes on in anyone's life, especially in the lives of the rich in famous. However, Paris Hilton does seem to be fond of her dog and there is no doubt that her pets lack for anything.

Paris's her penchant for packing around her Chihuahua "Tinkerbelle" has brought much attention to the breed and to the whole idea of portable pets. Both of which is good. Small dogs in general are gaining in popularity, and people are seeing that these types of pets are easy and fun to take along with you; which, for the dog, nearly always beats staying at home alone.

You may think that Paris Hilton has the corner on the market when it comes to showing off her Chihuahua, but she is just one in a long line of starlets who have chosen the world's smallest dog as a companion and show piece. Well known faces like Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, and Britney Spears have chosen to be seen and photographed holding and cuddling with these cute little dogs.

So what makes the Chihuahua the choice of accessory for these photo opportunities? Clearly, these little dogs are more than just cute and portable. Their lively attitude, quick movement and piercing stare are bound to draw attention. Perhaps Paris's desire to always have an animal accessory is as simple as that, it becomes something to draw some of the ever present focus away from her.

No one seems to know exactly where Tinkerbelle is now, but it seems that the tiny Chihuahua has been replaced as Paris's sidekick, first by an even tinier Chihuahua, and now by an exotic monkey.

In the right home, a Chihuahua is a delightful pet. But these feisty little dogs with big dog attitude do not do well in homes with small children or with dogs of other breeds. Like all of our domesticated animals, Chihuahuas have needs that we must take into consideration if we are to be responsible pet owners. Proper feeding to avoid obesity and allergies, adequate exercise, and extensive socialization as a puppy are just some of the things that make Chihuahuas unique.

The notoriety that Paris has brought to Chihuahuas is not likely to fade anytime soon. And if you are thinking of bringing a Chihuahua into your home, do your home work first.

Take the time to find a reputable breeder and to educate yourself to the unique needs and idiosyncrasies of these wonderful tiny dogs. Fiercely loyal and highly active, there is much about the Chihuahua that might surprise you.

Read our breed profile for more information on the Chihuahua.

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