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Recently, the columnist known as the Irreverent Veterinarian wrote a commentary on pet marriage. As part of the commentary, the question was posed to asking if they believed in dog marriage. Do you?

The results were as follows – 74.1% said that they did not believe in dog marriage, 15.7% said they were not sure and the remaining 10.3% said that they did believe in pet marriage.

Some of the comments were quite interesting and we will share them with you.

Comments to "Do you believe in dog marriage?" included the following:

1.        I don't see there is a problem with it. The dogs don't have to pay for the license. The owners do.
2.        But only as a fund raiser for shelters
3.        This is just ridiculous. Isn't this desecrating what a marriage should be.
4.        they are just plain silly
5.        it's kind of overdoing it but it's kind of cute too
6.        marriage is for humans you are supposed to be faithful during a marriage dogs would obviously cheat all the time
7.        I think it makes a mockery of human marriage.
8.        If the Dogs are compatible & really seem to care for each other, I have had 3 pairs of dogs ( not married) but they acted like it (all were male & a female, some spayed some not) When the partner died the dog was extremely sad for quite sometime and was always looking for the lost one.
9.        There is enough irreverence about marriage without trying to marry pets. However, I do think pets who reside in the same home care about each other, otherwise why would one animal show obvious signs of distress when the other is injured, or of sadness and depression when their companion dies?
10.        cute and fun
11.        I think it can be cute but just not realistic.
12.        It is silly
13.        I agree with you on all issues of marriage, but I also think the dogs would enjoy the attention and company.
14.        My only comment is Why? If the male is intact he is going to screw around her anyway. They have no job or financial obligations or ownerships. I think people that have weddings for their dogs have nothing better to do. Sad!
15.        the money could be better spent on animal shelters & rescues-have a type of party either there or have a party function with proceeds to benefit shelters. Maybe have a "wedding" with guests giving monetary gifts that go directly to the shelter.
16.        i think it neat
17.        It would be a fun, cute way to honor the addition of an opposite sex dog to a family.
18.        it is ridiculous to put this concept onto animals.
19.        Humans should let dogs be dogs as much as possible. Too much of a dog's life is unnatural so that he can fit into human culture, so why add to the perversion?
20.        It's humanizing dogs and it's not good for them. Why marry them, they don't understand what marriage is. It's a waste of their time and energy. They'd rather be playing fetch.
21.        Yes, it's cute. Yes, it's stupid. Yes, it's based on human projection. Any time we try to make our dogs act like anything other than dogs, we're stressing them unnecessarily. Dressing them up for a little game that lasts a few minutes is probably harmless, but taking it further than that and putting expectations on dogs that aren't natural to their species is abusive.
22.        One of the most ridiculous ideas I've ever heard of!
23.        I find it absurd
24.        It's silly and should be treated as a joke.
25.        i get the idea, but come on animals live on primal instinct. They are not emotional like humans, they will never comprehend what 'marriage' is. I think it is selfish that humans try to 'humanize' animals, when they should be embracing everything that is a dog.
26.        I think it's fun and cute and a good reason to get friends together. I think it would be a neat fund raising idea for shelter i.e. instead of gifts for the "happy couple" buy gifts for shelter dogs instead :0)
27.        Its SO CUTE!
28.        I love dogs, but the idea of dog marriage is ridiculous
29.        It's cute I also believe from having dogs most of my life that they do get attach to each other. So it just adds to the joy of having others, friends and family come together for some fun.
30.        if you have that much extra money sitting around use it for animal charities or any other good cause
31.        Besides the basic need to breed , dogs don't perceive the idea of gender. Marriage was designed for human men and women. I've found that in the world of altered pets, with the lack of the primal need to procreate, that dogs that actually have what would be perceived as a loving bonded relationship are the same sex. I don't believe that homosexuality exist in the animal world. So therefore I think that animals, altered pets, form "friendships" but not "sexual relationships" So the traditional marriage is irrelevant in the animal world. So I'm thinking that if pet owners want to commemorate a bond between their pets, then I thing that some other kind of ceremony should be created for that purpose. Please pardon my spelling. I can't find my spell checker at this moment.
32.        dumb idea
33.        Um, what's the point, really?
34.        It seems a bit strange and frivolous.
35.        I don't think people should make their dogs get married at all.
36.        STUPID
37.        I think that dogs can pick their own partners, wolves do
38.        I think the owners have nothing better to do
39.        Doggie weddings would be great if doggies were monogamous by nature.
40.        STUPID - STUPID - STUPID ! ! ! I absolutely love my dogs, but COME ON! How dumb is this? I think that Caesar (Dog Whisperer) would absolutely go nuts on this one! A dog is a dog - not a son or daughter to offer up in "marriage." Oh, Brother - - - now I have heard EVERYTHING! (I hope!)
41.        ABSURD!
42.        it's silly. we humanize them instead of accepting them as an animal.
43.        spend the money wasted on rescuing an unwanted or abused dog from a pound.
44.        why mess with nature?
45.        Yes it is a great Idea, I see Dogs like Humans, why not?
46.        Cute, but kind of silly.
47.        Stupid but cute
48.        sure is stupid to force a human custom on a dog
49.        it could not be legally binding since dogs can not give consent
50.        i think its rediculas
51.        You asked for opinions on pet weddings. I think it's not only anthropomorphic, it's
52.        I think people are spending too much money on things like this
53.        What's the point? They certainly don't understand it!
54.        Silly but, cute
55.        It's just an excuse for humans to have something to do, when they have too much time on their hands.
56.        there is no reason for it
57.        Stupid
58.        it's crazy!
59.        completely stupid and is merely for humans that think their animals are human (animals love us but know they are animals)
60.        silly concept but i do think dogs can show preferences for other dogs
61.        Stupid and a waste of ;money. Animals don't need marriage to have sex. It is only something some silly, pretentious idiots think will bring them attention.
62.        they are ridiculous and pointless
63.        I think it is cute, but how would you know if they wanted to get married.
64.        no
65.        it's a fun thing to do
66.        pretty stupid idea, and I love dogs more than people
67.        I think it is harmless fun if the pets are used to being "dressed" in doggie clothes.
68.        cute but silly
69.        Dogs don't know thier "married." Some people have too much time and money on thier hands.

70.        They are not people, they are animals.
71.        IT'S NOT NORMAL
72.        Its stupid
73.        you have got to be kidding! stupid
74.        Marriage is for humans who can fully express and understand what a marriage means. While I think that dogs can show love and affection toward one another, marriage means more then that. It should be viewed as a sacred union not something for animals.
75.        I think it is silly. Dogs are not people, although many people love their dogs as they would a child. You have to consider the species and the difference between animal and human.
76.        ludicrous
77.        this should be an open marriage and not a real one
78.        Way over board. Spend your money on something good like a stray animal or orphaned child
79.        I love my dogs, but come on!
80.        Yes I do I think it is absolutely ridiculous and i really don't think that dogs want to be dressed up in little dresses and suits and i highly doubt that the dogs can understand the vows and such .
81.        Agree
82.        Donate the cost of the wedding to an animal shelter.
83.        if a person wants to spend the time and money on it I thinks it's fine.
84.        Its dumb
85.        The idea is ludicrous!
86.        Its just cute to see them all dressed up!
87.        It's a stupid people trick and devalues true marriage.
88.        Stupid idea - dogs do not mate for life
89.        silly
90.        It's silly! Can they have more than one dog mate? I mean usually you have one male dog to several female and what about stud dogs that hire out for breeding? Would they be considered gigilos?
91.        Projecting our selves on the dogs or a tongue in cheek excuse for a social event.
92.        I agree with your points on this topic.
93.        I think it would be cute to have a doggie wedding just for fun. I have a friend who has a dog whom we call my dog's girlfriend and I think it would be neat to have a little wedding for them.
94.        it's not a big deal either long as it doesn't hurt the dogs
95.        have they lived together first?
96.        dumbest thing I have ever heard
97.        this is insane
98.        You've got to be kidding! Some people need a real life. The groom will be chasing the next bitch running the neighborhood anyway.
99.        very strange
100.        Dogs are supposed to be our best friends, why would we do that to them? :o)
101.        these are not people they are dogs, what a waste of money
102.        I think it's cute and HARMLESS. It's just another way of being devoted to your animals. And if people are having their pets get married for their own desire for commitment, let them. If it makes them feel better, then all the better!
103.        Dogs are pack animals, one mail can have as many as 20 females, and even though there are other males only the alpha dogs breed, doesn't fit the human marriage standard in my opinion
104.        Waste of money, making Dogs do something unnatural for them, the cost, crazy
105.        Dogs need the money spent on a "wedding: spent on things like proper training, food and if they have all that how about sharing with these less fortunate dogs.
106.        A cute idea...not really socially necessary I guess...but cute just the same
107.        Have we completely lost it?
108.        it's stupid
109.        It is for the humans the dogs could care less
110.        When I was a kid we dressed our dogs up and had a pretend wedding.
111.        I think its nuts, I think they are missing the point of animals, what they are and what they do on this earth. I also think the owners are going to be very upset when either the male or the female when one or the other wants to have an affair with Bubba or Maggie next door.
112.        It's ignorant as it makes a big joke of the real institution of marriage, and I would NEVER attend one.
113.        When dogs learn to talk, ask their opinion.
114.        ya they should be able to get married by law
115.        it's one of the dumbest things i've ever heard and i'm really surprised it's discussed on this otherwise great website.
116.        It's silly, but perhaps fun.
117.        its cool
118.        It's just silly fun
119.        Obviously this is just for fun, right? I guess it 's okay, I mean we have birthday parties for dogs; as long as it is done in fun.
120.        I do think if dogs can get married gay people can too
121.        What are the legal implications of this union? Is it legal or is it just a "commitment ceremony" to publicly express "love"?
122.        who gets the house and pups when they get divorce and is there pup support ?
123.        Marriage is a sacred vow that people take in front of God and their families. I feel that this is just societies way of desensitizing people even more to the meaning of marriage. It's cute now, but lets not forget what marriage is all about.
124.        It's a silly creation by yuppy idiots
125.        I would rather same the money
126.        Do they even know or care that they are getting married? Isn't it mainly for the owners reasons to have the "Dog or Pet Wedding?" I am sure my animals wouldn't care if I married them off they would still act like my same loving pets!!
127.        There are enough human crises in world extra money could go towards.
128.        I think it sounds very dumb to have a wedding for a pet. I know people love their dogs but they have no idea what's going on when you do things like that.
129.        while my dog likes wearing clothes I think I'd get the "my owner has finally gone off the deep end" look from my pup if I ever put him in a doggy wedding
130.        Funny, ha ha, our dogs are married. The end. Actually inviting people to a ceremony, spending hard earned money on something that is so insane. I think someone is trying to live out their life's dreams via their pooch. Poor dog.
131.        why the hell not ...
132.        It might be a fun party theme but the money spent I think would be better donated to spay/neuter or no kill foundations
133.        its stupid... we joke that the dog next store is our dogs Girlfriend, but marriage! too far
134.        Why not ... if it makes the owner and the pooch happy, I think its a great idea!
135.        WHY, when it is time to mate, they are not monogamous
136.        why? do they really know they are committed for life
137.        Anthropomorphicism gone mad!
138.        Dumb idea, these people need to get a life. I have 7 dogs and I love them dearly, but really, they are DOGS.
139.        it seems a bit weird though i am an avid dog lover

140.        it's in the category of rich, stupid, and show-off
141.        Please . . .
142.        dogs have no concept of a "wedding". Let them live in sin.
143.        This is really toooo anthropromorphic........they are not humans
144.        Ridiculous
145.        When you can put a male/female in a pen with 10 or 20 other dogs of the opposite sex and have him/her only go for the same partner consistently, then they are committed enough for marriage
146.        nonsense
147.        Stupid people doing stupid things to dogs who deserve better
148.        Marriage should be a conscious & committed decision & animals can't make those kind of decision !
149.        Stupid
150.        I guess it is a fun thing to do - my puppy had a birthday party for her 1st and we invited one dog friend!
151.        kind of silly
152.        I love dogs completely and utterly-but to marry them is so incredibly stupid!!!!!!!
153.        Again we are trying humanize our pets. Let them be dogs!!
154.        Ridiculous!
155.        why not???
156.        This is stupid & we are going too far
157.        It they love each other, go for it.
158.        I believe in dog "weddings" but not dog divorces.
159.        It is silly, but very harmless, so no big deal. I really think it's just an excuse to have a dog party, which is fine by me!
160.        I think its ridiculous
161.        It's a ridiculous example of people having more money than brains; the money spent on such events could feed a family of four for a month.
162.        I think it's stupid.
163.        it is a waste of money. I hate to say this but dogs are not human. We have 4 dogs and think that people who marry their dogs are replacing dogs with a child they wishes they had. Dog birthday parties fine but not a wedding.
164.        They are wonderful, beloved family members but they are not humans. Dog weddings and "Bark Mitzvahs" are ridiculous! If you want to have a celebration, give them birthday parties.
165.        what is the point of it, they will both still live in different households
166.        People do it for themselves. The dogs don't have a clue.
167.        I think it is really ridiculous only on the simple note is that people do stupid thing to their pets because they are not able to achieve that type of gratification they wanted in their lives our animals are pets and pets they should be. They have no clue about what a marriage is. That is a waste of time and money.
168.        no
169.        stupid is as stupid does.
170.        ridiculous
171.        Seems a little silly. I tend to think of my dogs as being brother & sister, not husband and wife.
172.        Dogs are not humans. We do them a great disservice by forcing our human emotions on them. I am so sick of seeing dogs betrayed as babies in my pet catalogs. A dog STROLLER??? WHAT? How about taking the dog for a WALK? Activity centers for crates? It is not a crib!? Your dog left unattended with it's activity center could cause a fatal obstruction after they ingested it! Doggie clothes? Doggie shoes? Not unless they are mushing! I am a true dog lover, we have 6! They are welcome on our furniture, most sneek in the bed at night :-) but we have never lost the respect for them as DOGS... they are not humans. We love our dogs and they are a part of our family, but no marriages, no clothing, no activity centers! They love our time and affection and their Nylabones and squeeky toys.
173.        waste of time and money, how many wives would a male dog have?
174.        I do believe dogs can get married cause in my years with many dogs, I've seen some fall in love with one of them and stayed together through out their years. When one dies their mate isn't far behind with a broken heart.
175.        love my dog, but this is going overboard!
176.        If one is contemplating having a pet married do the following. Run don't walk to a therapist and find out why you don't have a life.
177.        ridiculous
178.        its weird
179.        Ridiculous waste of resources. The money should be donated to an animal shelter!
180.        very silly
181.        if you want to spend that kind of money on animals, donate your money and time to the animal welfare and local shelters, this is ridiculous
182.        I don't know why dogs should not be married, but I certainly don't think it is the norm. I do think it is an extension of our wishes to connect with a soul mate and share and have happiness with another. My male Cairn Terrier Ozzie and my best friend's Cairn Terrier Trapper (female) were married although we never had the actual ceremony we wanted to have. We had thought about clothes, bridesmaids, and all sorts of fun things. We planed to take pictures and also do this on the internet for our large Cairn Terrier group of friends. I've told my 15-year old Cairn Terrier Dumpling that I would marry her anytime. It doesn't matter that we are both girls. We are much closer than my husband and I are. :- ) This is all a matter of personal taste.
183.        I think dog marriage is really silly - just have a party
184.        very stupid, just people being "feel good" people
185.        stupid as dressing them up in clothes is.
186.        they are pets not humans, we may in fact love them as our own, but they are not!
187.        I think it is more about what we want, and less about what they need
188.        the only wedding would be if a couple were getting married and they both had dogs then that would be cute but other then that i don't think so
189.        These wonderful creatures are animals, not human beings.
190.        cute if it really is just a fun party
191.        Waste of time
192.        They are dogs, let them be dogs. Stop trying to make them human.
193.        It continues the trend of humans thinking there pets are people
194.        kind of cute, but totally stupid!
195.        they are to love and enjoy. We don't need to try to put problems on them plus they have no concept of marriage
196.        Dogs are not monogamous left to their own devises. I would not waste my hard earned money on it but if you have nothing better to spend your money on....
197.        It's just a silly way for rich people to spend more money.
198.        "stupid:'
199.        Are you seriously asking??? This topic is absurd! But when my kids were little they had a "wedding" for our dogs. that was cute!

200.        Kind of wacky and high handed
201.        I think this is just another way that humans go off the deep end. I have six dogs, 3male, 3 female, all are from rescues, different breeds and they do look after each other like siblings but to marry them is crazy!
202.        have we lost our minds?
203.        its silly
204.        Yes, I think those people have to much time on their hands and they need to put it to a more creative use.
205.        stupid, stupid, stupid
206.        I think pet marriage gives religious zealots ammo to fight against unions between same sex partners. This is stupid and needs to be stopped. Dogs do not love each other like humans love each other, we all know that.
207.        They're stupid
208.        A lot of people do a lot of things. Or, I got a sweater for Christmas but I had to take it back.
209.        To each their own, I would rather just have all my friends bring their dogs over and have a party for the dogs.
210.        I think this whole bit about "Doggie Marriage' is just an extension of our love/fantasy for our dogs. It's a reason to dress up our little critters and have a gathering of other dog lovers. No harm to it!
211.        It sort of makes a mockery of marriage...obviously people should take marriage more seriously than they do these days! I'm tired of all the divorce as well.
212.        it's cute, but don't mean much.
213.        while I do believe that dogs are capable of a connection of some sort, (i.e., you have two dogs, one dies and the other grieves. . . ) that isn't the same as the commitment expected in a marriage.
214.        It's kinda hard to be married when you don't even realize it!
215.        For people who don't know what to do with their money.
216.        I think for fun it's okay but do they really know the meaning of the institution called marriage?
217.        DUH...waste of time and money...stupid...get a life
218.        waste of money
219.        Cute, but what is the point?
220.        pointless
221.        It's stupid! People who want to have a party for themselves should do a people party and if they want a dog party, there are a lot more options that are FUN for the DOGS!
222.        silly, but cute ;o)
223.        What crack pipe have you been smoking from?

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