The Disappearing Great Dane Christmas Caper


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Our dogs bring so much to out lives and Christmas is an especially wonderful time of the year to appreciate them. Of course, just a tree with ornaments and all the revelry that comes with the season is a wonderful experience for most dogs. However, finding your dog some great presents so they can share in the festivities is wonderful way to celebrate. Unless, of course, your dog doesn't appreciate the presents. I just read a funny holiday story about a Great Dane that wasn't too pleased about what was found under the tree. You can read the story here!

Steve Johnson in Flagstaff, Arizona tells the story of Rose, a two-year old female Great Dane and how she encouraged them to fall in love with the "gentle giants". Steve and his wife were so smitten with Rose, that they decided that another puppy would be a fabulous addition to the family. Steve found an 8-week old male just before Christmas and the puppy's breeder was thrilled to help with the holiday surprise. He showed up on Christmas Eve with the puppy, "Thor" carefully wrapped crate.

Steve's wife opened the box immediately, thrilled to find the puppy inside. He was instantly the center of attention and everyone had a wonderful time playing until Thor wore himself out, napping near the wood stove. Letting him rest, the humans then left to continue the festivities with eggnog and cookies.

When Steve and his wife returned, Rose was smugly resting on the couch and Thor was no longer sleeping by the stove. In fact, Thor was no where to be found. The couple looked everywhere for the puppy, but came up empty-handed. They also became more and more convinced by Rose's demeanor that she had something to do with disappearance.

When a small whimper sounded from the vicinity of the Christmas tree, Steve quickly inspected further. He found Thor inside the crate he had arrived in, the nape of his neck wet. It wasn't hard to figure out what had happened. Rose had deposited the unwanted present back into the crate it had arrived in. Steve jokes that she would have called FedEx for pickup if they had only been open on Christmas.

Despite this little incident of sibling rivalry, Rose and Thor are now the best of friends and Steve and his family cannot imagine a Christmas without them.

Do you have a wonderful holiday story about your festive pooch? Be sure to share it!

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