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Here at Petplace.com we strive to get the most helpful and interesting information available to our readers. The best way to do this of course, is to tap into our wonderful Pet Crazy community! Readers share their heart-warming stories, tales of warning and favorite pet products so that everyone can benefit from the information. It is all of you who make Petplace.com the best website for pet lovers.

With this in mind we are gathering information for dog lovers who are about to bring a specific breed of dog into their home. With your help, we can gather a fantastic array of information that anyone thinking about getting a particular breed can read. By answering our survey, you may be helping dogs around the world. Potential adopters will have the knowledge to help them decide if they are really ready for that puppy or specific breed.

If you care for one of the top ten breeds, take a minute to answer our survey questions!

Click on your breed below and take the survey!

Labrador Retriever

Yorkshire Terrier

German Shepherd

Golden Retriever





Shih Tzu

Miniature Schnauzer

Thanks for your help!

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