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Dangers in the Kitchen

By: Dr. Dawn Ruben

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The kitchen is often the brightest spot in the house. And with all of the family activity normally found in the kitchen, you may think it's the perfect place to house your companion bird. However, the kitchen is not the safest or healthiest place for him to live. Some common dangers may include:


Although you may not think about it, the kitchen is subjected to rapid changes in temperature. During cooking times, the temperature of the kitchen increases and then returns to normal, and the repeated alteration of room temperature could cause molting problems in birds.

Furthermore, kitchens are common gathering places in the home. This increased traffic flow can cause stress for some birds, which may result in behavior problems.

Beware of Fumes

Polytetrafluoroethylene is the chemical compound used to create non-stick surfaces in cookware. When overheated or burned, toxic fumes that are released can kill your bird quickly. Other toxic fumes include spray starch, self-cleaning ovens and hair spray. Fumes from simmering potpourri pots can also have a devastating effect on your feathered friend.

Other Concerns

With the refrigerator close by, be careful what you feed your bird. The most toxic food you can feed your bird is avocados. Even a small amount of the fruit can cause serious illness and even death.

If a bird is allowed to fly free or escapes within a kitchen, ceiling fans, hot stovetops and toxic kitchen plants pose significant threats.

One final concern is the threat of illness for people. Birds can be quite messy and with food storage and preparation near a bird and his cage, the spread of illness and disease are possible.

The best place for a bird cage is a quiet room, like the living room, with sufficient traffic flow to include the bird in the family but not so much that it can cause a serious stress on the bird.

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Dangers in the Kitchen

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