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1. Animal Bites, Rabies and Quarantine in Dogs
Any animal that has bitten a person is often required by law to be quarantined. The amount of time, as well as the quarantine site, depend on the bite, the pet’s vaccine status and local laws.
2. Canine Vaccine Recommendations
Vaccinations have saved the lives of millions of dogs. Current vaccination programs protect our dogs (and us) from the threat of rabies. Newer vaccines have been developed to protect against a variety of infections.
3. Has Your Holiday Puppy Had His Shots?
This time of year, puppies not vaccinated are most at risk for developing life-threatening infectious diseases.
4. Nasal or Injectable - Which Vaccine is Best for Your Dog?
Recently, vaccination has become a very controversial subject. With the advent of immune diseases thought to be associated with vaccination, the route of vaccine has become a hot topic.
5. New Vaccine to Prevent Dental Disease
A new canine vaccine is underdevelopment by Pfizer to prevent this bacteria and subsequent periodontal disease. The vaccine is slated for release sometime mid 2006.
6. Puppy Vaccinations: What to Expect
Along with the many responsibilities that come with owning a puppy is learning what to expect regarding puppy vaccinations.
7. Puppy Vaccine Recommendations
All dogs should be vaccinated. Even if you’re adopting a dog and think he’s probably had his shots, play it safe and have him vaccinated again. It’s better to give an extra vaccine than none at all.
8. Rabies Vaccine Recommendations in Dogs
Rabies is a highly fatal viral infection of the nervous system that affects all warm-blooded animal species, including humans. The virus is most often transmitted from one animal to another through bite wounds.
9. Vaccine Recommendations for Your Dog
Before the days of effective vaccines, dogs routinely fell victim to a grim menu of diseases. Today, vaccinations save millions of dogs.
10. What is a Vaccine?
Vaccinations are the introduction of vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a viral disease. The term comes from the Latin vacca, or cow, from the first inoculations of cowpox to produce immunity against smallpox.

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