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1. Aural Hematoma in Dogs
Aural hematoma is an accumulation of blood within the cartilage layers of the ear. This problem is most often associated with underlying ear disease, like excessive head shaking, that can rupture blood vessels, leading to an ear hematoma.
2. Chronic Ear Problems in Dogs
Ear disease is one of the most frequent reasons owners seek veterinary help. There are many causes of ear problems, ranging from foreign objects, infections, trauma or even tumors.
3. Ear Mites in Dogs
Ear mites are the most common mite to infest dogs and they are very contagious, usually spreading to most dogs in the household. These mites are tiny crab-like parasites that live in the ear canals.
4. Ear Tumors in Dogs
Ear tumors are growths associated with the ear and the most common include ceruminous gland adenoma or adenocarcinoma, sebaceous gland tumor and basal cell tumor. Depending on the tumor type there may or may not be an underlying cause.
5. Otitis Externa in Dogs
Otitis externa, or external ear canal disease, is a common condition in dogs and is characterized by inflammation of the soft tissue components of the external ear canal and is particularly prevalent in dogs with long, floppy ears.
6. Otitis Interna and Media in Dogs
Inflammation within the ear can have numerous causes including bacteria, fungi and parasites. Middle ear infections typically occur in association with external ear infections, which can then progress to inner ear infections.

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