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Senior Care

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1. Commonly Asked Questions About Senior Dogs
During your dog's senior years, you'll observe gradual or sudden changes in her health or behavior. Your vet may need your input to help determine whether they are due to illness, a reaction to medications, or the natural aging process.
2. Feeding Your Senior Dog
The proper diet is important in the care of an aging dog. However, there is no best food to feed a geriatric dog; that depends on the specific problems or nutritional requirements of each animal.
3. Geriatric Dog Care
Old age happens to the best of us – even our dogs. The aging process brings about a gradual decline in a dog's physical and sometimes mental abilities. Becoming aware of these issues allows an owner to provide the best possible care.
4. Grooming Your Senior Dog - Special Concerns
As your pet ages, taking an active role in grooming becomes even more important. Older pets often groom less, may have trouble cleaning those "hard to reach places," or may develop skin conditions that require extra attention.
5. Keeping Your Senior Dog Healthy
Your dog's breed and size determine when he enters his senior years. You can't hold back the clock, but there are many things you can do to help keep him healthy and active as long as possible.
6. Making the Transition from Adult to Senior Dog
Dogs age at a rapid pace and before you know it your best friend might be considered a senior dog.
7. The Effects of Aging on Dogs
While some aspects of getting old may not be much fun for a dog, getting old is not all bad.
8. The Importance of Exercise in the Senior Dog
A regular exercise routine is an essential part of any dog’s healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition, grooming and regular visits to your veterinarian are equally important. As a dog ages, exercise tolerance and requirements generally change.
9. Understanding Quality of Life Issues
As does every other living creature, pets age. And with this age comes illness and difficulty. Determining when your pet’s life is no longer enjoyable can be difficult and is an important part of deciding when to let him go.
10. Vaccinating Your Senior Dog
As pets age, questions about vaccinations arise. Common questions are which vaccine does my senior dog need and how often should he be vaccinated. Unfortunately, the absolute answers to these questions are not known but there are several recommendations.

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