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1. Animal Bites, Rabies and Quarantine in Cats
Any animal that has bitten a person is often required by law to be quarantined. The amount of time, as well as the quarantine site, depend on the bite, the pet’s vaccine status and local laws.
2. Feline Leukemia Vaccine Recommendations
One of the most dangerous infectious diseases in cats today is caused by the feline leukemia virus (feLV), a retrovirus that may cause suppression of the immune system, impairing your cat’s ability to fight infections.
3. Feline Vaccine Recommendations
Newer vaccines can be administered through the nostrils and have been developed to protect against a variety of infections, but despite their well-known benefits, the practice of annual vaccination of mature cats is controversial.
4. Rabies Vaccine Recommendations in Cats
Rabies is a highly fatal viral infection of the nervous system that affects all warm-blooded animal species, including humans. The virus is most often transmitted from one animal to another through bite wounds.
5. What is a Vaccine?
Vaccinations are the introduction of vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a viral disease. The term comes from the Latin vacca, or cow, from the first inoculations of cowpox to produce immunity against smallpox.
6. What You Need To Know About Injection Site Sarcoma
An injection site sarcoma is a tumor thought to be induced by an injection – most often a vaccination. Post-vaccinal sarcomas are very rare but may occur in cats as a consequence of an overzealous inflammatory or immune system reaction to the vaccine.
7. Why Should I Vaccinate my Cat?
Vaccinations are the introduction of vaccines into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease. Through scientific advancement, many vaccines have been developed, and death due to infection has significantly declined.

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