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Brain, Spinal Cord & Nerves

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11. Polyneuropathy in Cats
Polyneuropathies are a group of diseases that affect multiple nerves in any combination. They may be inherited or acquired later in life.
12. Proprioceptive Deficits in Cats
Proprioceptive deficits are abnormal body positions or movements due to a lack of normal perception that causes abnormal placement reactions of legs, abnormal limb position at rest (legs crossed or paws turned under), and abnormal wearing of the toes.
13. Spinal Trauma in Cats
Trauma to the spinal cord is not common and can be very devastating. It is most often associated with sudden impact injury, such as being hit by an automobile, gunshot or falling from a height.
14. Storage Diseases of the Nervous System in Cats
Storage diseases are inherited metabolic disorders characterized by the accumulation of certain substances in various tissues in abnormal amounts. Two most commonly reported in veterinary medicine are lysosomal and glycogen storage disease.
15. Trigeminal Neuritis in Cats
Trigeminal neuritis is also known as mandibular paralysis. It is characterized by paralysis of the muscles of mastication, or the chewing muscles. Treatment consists of supportive care, mainly assisting the animal to eat and drink.
16. Vestibular Disease in Cats
The vestibular system is primarily responsible for keeping the head and body in the correct orientation with respect to gravity. Vestibular disease is a disorder of this equilibrium apparatus and signs include dizziness, incoordination and head tilt.

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