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Puppy Care

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11. Eye Care in Puppies
Your mother may have told you, “Never rub your eyes, except with your elbows.” And she might well have added, “And never put anything in your eyes unless told to by a doctor.” Well, pretty much the same holds true for puppies.
12. Feeding Your Pup For the First Few Days Home
There are lots of things you will need to think about and plan for prior to bringing home a new puppy. How to feed, what to feed, and when to feed are just a few of these things. Here are some tips for feeding your puppy during his first few days.
13. Feeding Puppies
Feeding your puppy is not the same as feeding adult dogs. Puppies, like children, have different dietary needs from adults, and care should be taken with what you feed your puppy.
14. Female Puppy Names
So you’re about to bring home your beautiful new baby girl, and everything is in place.
15. Girl Puppy Names
The process of naming a puppy may not be invested with the same weighty stakes as, say, naming a child—after all, there are no binding legal documents, potential playground ridicule, or future job prospects to worry about...
16. Grooming Your Puppy
All dogs require grooming but some require more grooming than others. Since grooming is something that you are going to have to do, whatever type of dog you’ve got, this practice should be started in puppyhood. Learn how to start!
17. Guide to Behavior Problems in Puppies
Even the cutest, sweetest puppy can develop behavior problems. Learn about some of the more common problems and how to correct them.
18. Guide to Training Your Pup
During their first few months of life, obedience training will turn an unruly puppy into a well-mannered and enjoyable member of the family. Here is a guide to help you train your pup to be the best he can be
19. Has Your Puppy Had His Shots?
All dogs should be vaccinated. Even if you’re adopting a dog and think he’s probably had his shots, play it safe and have him vaccinated again. It’s better to give an extra vaccine than none at all.
20. House Training Schedules for Puppies
Almost the first thing a new puppy owner needs to know is “how do I house train”? How do I do it, what can I expect, what should be my goals? Use this very useful sample schedule for your puppy!

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