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21. How to Deal with “Accidental Housesoiling”
Let’s face it. A new puppy is likely to have small accidents around the house, even though you may do your utmost to prevent them. Learn about the best methods for dealing with this situation.
22. How to House-train Your Puppy
By using a puppy crate or confined area — and plenty of rewards for outdoor urination and defecation — you can successfully train your puppy to “go” outdoors. Learn about the best techniques for housetraining!
23. How to Prevent Common Puppy Behavior Problems
While most new puppy owners are very good at supplying their pup with love, many are often not so naturally inclined to provide the guidance and leadership that the young puppy needs. Learn about how to prevent common behavior problems!
24. How to Puppy Proof Your Home
No house is 100 percent safe, but you can reduce risks by creating a dog-friendly environment. Get down on the floor and look around at puppy eye level. Learn tips on how to make your home puppy proof.
25. How to Talk To and Handle My New Puppy
Raising puppies properly is an active process that requires you to understand how they might interpret your behavior toward them, including how you address them and how you handle them. Learn the best methods for talking to and handling your new puppy!
26. Ideal Dog Schedule
If you could give your dog the schedule he or she wants, what would it be?
27. Introducing A New Puppy to Other Pets
Introducing your new puppy to your other pets who have already established their place in your household needn’t be a challenge.
28. Is Pet Insurance Right for Your Puppy?
It's a pet owner's worst nightmare: You finally get the puppy of your dreams and he gets sick and you're faced with the agonizing choice of facing huge veterinary bills you can’t afford.
29. Orphaned Dogs - Their Mental and Social Needs
When a young dog finds himself without his mom, he risks missing important social skills that only his mother can provide. Knowing what he needs can help you try to be the best replacement mom possible.
30. Paper-Training Your Puppy
When you first get a new puppy, there are several major decisions to be made about its management, including whether to employ a technique known as paper-training.

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