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21. How Big Will My Puppy Get?
Almost the first question anyone asks when thinking about adopting or buying a puppy is – how big will he get?
22. How Does My Puppy Learn His Name?
How do puppies learn their name? …or do they? And what does their name mean to them? Learn about the thoughts behind this.
23. How Good Breeder's Raise Good Pups
Puppies are a lot like children in the sense that much critical, life-altering experience and learning takes place in the very early stages of life.
24. How Old is This Puppy?
When owners bring their new puppy to a veterinary practice, one of the first questions is how old he/she is? The answer lies in the mouths of these babes.
25. How Smart is Your Puppy?
Everyone’s always trying to determine how smart everyone else is. How smart are you? How smart are your children? How smart are animals? Is a dog smarter than a cat? And now, how smart is your puppy?
26. How to Be a Good Puppy Owner
Even if the breeder has done everything right and you adopt a near perfect puppy, it doesn’t take long – if you are not careful - to undo all the good work and create problems that will trouble you and perhaps your pup for the rest of its life.
27. How to Deal with “Accidental Housesoiling”
Let’s face it. A new puppy is likely to have small accidents around the house, even though you may do your utmost to prevent them. Learn about the best methods for dealing with this situation.
28. How to House-train Your Puppy
By using a puppy crate or confined area — and plenty of rewards for outdoor urination and defecation — you can successfully train your puppy to “go” outdoors. Learn about the best techniques for housetraining!
29. How to Prevent Common Puppy Behavior Problems
While most new puppy owners are very good at supplying their pup with love, many are often not so naturally inclined to provide the guidance and leadership that the young puppy needs. Learn about how to prevent common behavior problems!
30. How to Puppy Proof Your Home
No house is 100 percent safe, but you can reduce risks by creating a dog-friendly environment. Get down on the floor and look around at puppy eye level. Learn tips on how to make your home puppy proof.

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