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11. Homemade Cat Food Recipe for Healthy Adult Cats
The following is a diet that meets AAFCO guidelines.
12. Homemade Cat Food Recipe for Overweight Cats
The following is a diet that meets AAFCO guidelines for overweight cats.
13. Homemade Treats for the Older Cat
Even though your kitty may be getting up there in age, she may still enjoy a special indulgence now and then. Try these homemade cat treat recipes.
14. Homemade Treats for Your Cat
Are your cats getting tired of the routine treats? Spice up their life with some cookies you can make at home.
15. How to Read Pet Food Labels
By learning how to read a label, you can learn a great deal of information about the food you are feeding your pets: how to compare one food to another and how to choose the food best suited for your dog or cat.
16. Irradiation of Cat Food: Is it Safe?
Food safety is important to you and your pet. A recent ruling by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has made pet food safer. The FDA approved the use of irradiation for all pet foods.
17. Is Your Cat Too Fat?
Unfortunately – like their owners – pets are not as healthy when they are carrying too much weight. Fat cats often suffer from arthritis, heart disease and liver problems. Here's how to evaluate your pet’s body condition.
18. Keeping Your Kitten Well Fed
Kittens bounce off walls and pounce at warp speed on anything that moves. The only time they seem to slow down is when they stop to refuel.
19. Kitten Food or Adult: When Do You Make the Change
You waited until your kitten was 12 weeks old before you brought her home. You made sure you had plenty of toys and treats and never missed a veterinary appointment. You’ve fed her the proper kitten diet, but when do you begin switching to adult cat food?
20. Low Calorie Recipes for the Chubby Kitty
Even though your cat is a little chubby, some homemade treats may brighten his day.

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