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21. Nutrition in Cats
Providing the best food for your cat is an important part of keeping her healthy. With all the research and study in proper diets, you can now help your cat stay healthy, happy and well fed for many years.
22. Palatability of Cat Foods
Cats are very choosy diners. A cat can enjoy a food for many years, only to turn her nose up at it one day out of the blue. If there is no medical reason for the behavior change, there are several other things to look at.
23. Raw Meat Debate: Should You Feed it to Your Cat
Some people, including some veterinarians, believe that raw meat is healthier for a dog or cat, and commercial pet food is overprocessed and tainted with toxins, which are used to preserve the food and give it an attractive smell and taste.
24. Supplements in Cats
As a general rule, before supplementing your cat's diet, you should discuss with your veterinarian the available evidence or recommendations supporting the use of nutriceuticals and dietary supplements.
25. Tartar Control Diets for Cats
Recently added to the arsenal of pet dental care products, special foods are designed to help prevent tartar formation. These tartar control diets often eliminate or greatly reduce the number of health problems caused by recurring dental disease.
26. The Finicky Feline
Cats have a reputation for being finicky. Although most cats these days are overweight and eat just about anything you place in front of them, some cats are just plain picky and always will be thin.
27. What Are Prescription Diets for Cats?
Prescription diets are specially formulated to help in the treatment and care of pets with certain ailments or diseases. Some of these diets are only intended as a temporary change in food, while others are recommended for the duration of the pet’s life.
28. What to Do If Your Cat Is a Sloppy Eater
There are three primary reasons that a cat might be a mealtime slob. A little experimentation can determine which reasons might contribute to the situation and offer possible solutions.
29. When Do You Change From Kitten Food to Adult Food?
Growing kittens have different dietary requirements than adult cats and should only be fed a high quality growth-type diet. When do you begin switching to adult cat food?
30. Why Scraps Are Bad for Pets
The holiday season is a time of excess - too much partying and too much eating. But as much as you may be tempted to reward your pet with a few treats from the table – don’t.

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