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Emergency, Trauma & Urgent Care

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21. Peritonitis in Cats
Peritonitis is an inflammatory process that develops in the abdomen and can be very serious, or even life-threatening. It can be associated with abdominal trauma, abdominal surgery or pancreatitis.
22. Pulmonary Contusion - Lung Bruising in Cats
Bruising and damage to the lungs can easily occur from trauma to the body like falling, automobile injuries and being kicked, and usually results in in serious illness, difficulty breathing and possible death.
23. Soft Tissue Trauma in Cats
No matter how hard we try and no matter how well we take care of our pets, they may still incur injuries from accidents, ranging from severe to mild. Soft tissues are those tissue surrounding bones and joints – primarily muscle, tendon and ligaments.
24. Sprains in Cats
A sprain is damage to tissue supporting a joint, primarily ligament damage. Ligaments are tough fibrous material that connect one bone to another. There are three categories of sprains and each may require different treatment.
25. Sunburn in Cats
Sunburns are not common in cats but can occur. White cats and thin-haired cats are more prone to sunburns.
26. Tail Trauma in Cats
Tail trauma is an occasional problem mainly in outdoor cats. Also known as broken tail or dislocated tail, clinical signs can vary from a kink in the tail to complete paralysis with fecal/urinary incontinence.
27. Thermal Burns in Cats
Thermal burns are injuries to the tissues caused by contact with dry heat (fire) or moist heat (steam or liquid). In recent years, huge advances in burn care in human medicine have also benefited our pets.
28. Torn Toenail in Cats
Toenail problems in cats are common and fortunately, rarely life threatening. The most common problem that afflicts the toenail is a torn or broken nail. Toenail problems, though painful, are common in cats but rarely life-threatening.
29. Trauma to the Chest in Cats
A major cause of serious and potentially life threatening chest damage can result from blunt force trauma. Automobile injuries, falls and kicks are the primary causes of blunt force trauma to the chest cavity.
30. Trauma/Automobile Injury in Cats
Automobile injury or trauma is an injury sustained when a cat is struck by a moving vehicle such as a car, truck, snowplow, train or motorcycle. Injuries may also occur as the result of human abuse, falling from a height, or animal attacks.

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