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1. Are Greenies Safe?
Greenies are one of the most popular dog treats in history. It has been estimated that dogs in the US eat over 150 million Greenies a month! But are they safe?
2. Are Some Dogs Obese?
There are many reasons why pets (and people) become obese, but the two main reasons are: our pets eat too much and do not exercise enough. If the extra weight amounts to more than 15 percent over the ideal body weight, the dog is clinically obese.
3. Baking For the Holidays for Your Dog
The holidays are around the corner. Are you planning to cook and bake for family and friends? If so, here are great recipes for your pooch too!
4. Commonly Asked Questions About Dog Nutrition
Good nutrition takes time and patience to learn, so your dog stays healthy, happy and active. It also takes dedication and perseverance to make sure your dog eats what he should, rather than what he wants.
5. Dealing with Dogs that Steal Food
A lot of dogs steal food from countertops, storage cupboards, or even out of the hands of slow moving children. Stealing food is just one of the things that dogs are really good at and driven to do by powerful internal urges.
6. Dietary Antioxidants Are Important for Your Pet
Oxygen gives your pet life but it may also behave aggressively to try to shorten it. Without sufficient oxygen your pet’s tissues are in immediate jeopardy, but excess oxygen can also poison the cells of Fido’s body via free-radical formation.
7. Dietary Requirements in Dogs
Most of us were taught the importance of a balanced and nutritionally complete diet; but when it comes to knowing what nutrients our pets need to grow properly and stay healthy, we come up short.
8. Easy Halloween Recipes for Your Pet
Halloween candy is forbidden for pets – chocolate is toxic for dogs, lollipop sticks can get stuck in a throat and candy wrappers can cause an obstruction. But your pet likes a treat, too, so here are some recipes that are healthy and tasty.
9. Encouraging Your Sick Pet to Eat
Nutrition is a key component in healing the body, but eating can be unpleasant when you are ill. Because pets don't understand the value of nourishing their bodies when they are ill, it can be especially difficult to encourage them to eat.
10. Feeding Your Adult Dog
Good nutrition and a balanced diet are essential elements for good health in your dog. Knowing what your adult dog needs will help you decide the best type of food.

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