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11. Dog Birthday Party Menu Ideas
We received this article courtesy of the Half Hour Hostess and wanted to share it with you.
12. Easy Halloween Recipes for Your Pet
Halloween candy is forbidden for pets – chocolate is toxic for dogs, lollipop sticks can get stuck in a throat and candy wrappers can cause an obstruction. But your pet likes a treat, too, so here are some recipes that are healthy and tasty.
13. Encouraging Your Sick Dog to Eat
Nutrition is a key component in healing the body, but eating can be unpleasant when you are ill. Because pets don't understand the value of nourishing their bodies when they are ill, it can be especially difficult to encourage them to eat.
14. Fat Dogs and Cats: Does Spoiling Pets Lead to Obesity?
It is estimated that 40% of dogs and cats are obese in the U.S. Why are there so many fat dogs and cats?
15. Feeding Your Adult Dog
Good nutrition and a balanced diet are essential elements for good health in your dog. Knowing what your adult dog needs will help you decide the best type of food.
16. Feeding Your Dog - Canned or Dry And How Often?
After bringing your dog home, one of the first decisions to make is what to feed him and how often do you feed your new family member. Once you have decided what to feed your dog, deciding between canned food and dry food can be difficult.
17. Finicky Dogs: How to Encourage Your Picky Dog to Eat
Finicky Dogs. Anyone that I know with a finicky dog is frustrated. What's up with the dog who turns up his nose at the food you feed him
18. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Mad Cow and Wasting Disease
Have you been reading the papers, watching the national news or listening to talk radio? If so, chances are you’ve been exposed to the term **Mad Cow Disease**.
19. Giving Your Dog Table Food - What Not to Do
Table food is too fatty for the digestive systems of most animals and can lead to severe stomach upsets (and occasionally fatal pancreatic inflammation). In addition, you encourage your dog to beg even more. Learn more on what not to do.
20. Healthy Dog Treats
Obesity in dogs is a major health concern. Just as with people, dog obesity can lead to very serious health problems. Finding healthy dog treats is an important part of keeping your dog fit.

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