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21. Homemade Treats for Special Occasions
If you feel like treating your dog like a queen or king, make some special treats at home.
22. Homemade Treats for Your Dog
Is your dog tired of the same old processed treats? Here are some dog treat recipes to add a little spice to your pet's diet.
23. How to Read Dog Food Labels
By learning how to read a label, you can learn a great deal of information about the food you are feeding your pets: how to compare one food to another and how to choose the food best suited for your dog or cat.
24. Irradiation of Dog Food - Is it Safe?
Irradiation is a process that uses ionizing radiation to kill dangerous bacteria in food and nonfood products. The process is similar to pasteurization; the food is still fresh, and much safer than before and it has a longer shelf life.
25. Is Your Dog Overweight?
In the United States, pets and their owners have one thing in common: too much food and too little exercise. Many pet owners don’t monitor their pets’ weight and succumb too often to animals that beg and whimper for more.
26. Is Your Dog Too Fat?
Unfortunately, many pets are overweight – much like their owners. And like their owners, pets are not as healthy when they are carrying too much weight. Here are some ways you can evaluate your pet’s body condition.
27. Is Your Dog Too Thin?
Ideally, your dog should not be overweight. However, he should not be too thin either. If you are concerned that your pet is too thin, here are some ways to determine his body condition.
28. Low Calorie Treats for the Chubby Dog
Even though your dog is a little chubby, some homemade dog treats may brighten his day. here are some dog treat recipes...
29. Making a Dinner Plate for Your Pet
Thanksgiving is all about abundance and sharing, but if you’re thinking of sharing your feast with your pet, think again.
30. Nutrition in Dogs
A lot of research has been done to determine the necessary nutrients your dog requires. By knowing what is important, you can keep your pet healthy and happy, and well fed!

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