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31. Raw Meat Debate – Should You Feed it to Your Dog?
Some people, including some veterinarians, believe that raw meat is healthier for a dog or cat, and commercial pet food is overprocessed and tainted with toxins, which are used to preserve the food and give it an attractive smell and taste.
32. Rawhide, Cow Hide – Are They Good or Bad for Your Pet?
Many people give pieces of rawhide to their pets as toys (often to keep them busy) and to help their teeth. While rawhide makes a good chew toy, there are some important facts to know to keep your dog safe.
33. Supplements in Dogs
Before supplementing your dog's diet, discuss with your veterinarian if supplements are even necessary. Avoid supplementing high levels of any single nutrient unless you're sure it is safe and will not interfere with any medications your pet may take.
34. Tartar Control Diets
Recently added to the arsenal of pet dental care products, special foods are designed to help prevent tartar formation. These tartar control diets often eliminate or greatly reduce the number of health problems caused by recurring dental disease.
35. The Dangers of Bones
As a reward, you think your dog might enjoy chewing on leftover bones. After all, his distant cousin the wolf chews bones all the time and chewing bones promotes healthy teeth and gums, right? What can it hurt?
36. What Are Prescription Diets for Dogs?
Prescription diets are specially formulated to help in the treatment and care of pets with certain ailments or diseases. Some of these diets are only intended as a temporary change in food, while others are recommended for the duration of the pet’s life.
37. Where's The Dog's Place During Dinner?
Before sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner, you should decide where your dog’s place is before he makes the decision for you. Otherwise, your stately Uncle Harold may have to eat dinner with your dog's head resting on his lap.
38. Why Dogs Can't Eat Chocolate
The worst a Hershey bar can do to you is add an inch to your hips. But that same candy – even in relatively small amounts - can make a dog or cat very sick. Make no mistake: For them, chocolate is poison.
39. Why Table Scraps Are Bad For Pets
The holidays are a time of excess - too much partying and too much eating. As much as you may be tempted to reward your pet with a few treats from the table – don’t.

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