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Kitten Care

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11. Kitten Care Recommendations
Taking care of your cat is a year round responsibility. To keep him healthy and happy, there are several things you should do as part of his care.
12. Kittens and Zoonosis
You have a new kitten and your hopes are to see that it remains happy and healthy. What you may not realize is that your new family member may carry a common kitten disease – there are several – that can pose significant health risks to people.
13. Orphaned Cats - Their Mental and Social Needs
The male plays no role at all in raising the young, leaving the entire parenting business up to the mother. So when a young cat finds himself without his mom, he is effectively devoid of all parental attentions and is alone in the world.
14. The Feeding and Nutrition of Kittens
The only time kittens seem to slow down is to wash their faces after a satisfying meal. And what could be more satisfying than a meal that supplies the necessary nutrients, which is important to provide for her rapid growth rate and boundless energy.
15. Understanding the Human-Companion Animal Bond with Cats
For first time kitten owners, this account will inform them what they have to look forward to as their kitten matures and develops into a beloved family member.
16. Weaning Kittens
Whether kittens are being cared for by their feline mother or are being orphan raised, the method and timing of weaning can have lifelong effects on the babies.
17. What Not to Do with Your New Kitten
When you acquire a new kitten, things that you do, or don’t do, can make a big difference to the way the kitten turns out.
18. What You Need to Know About a Cat Breeder's Contract
The contract that you sign when you buy a cat from a breeder is more than a simple bill of sale. It describes your rights and the seller's rights in the transaction, sometimes for the life of your pet.
19. What You Need to Know About a Kitten's First Months
A newborn kitten is unable to hear, see or walk. His eyes are shut, and his ears are folded over his head. After just a few weeks of life, all that changes and your kitten becomes an active bundle of fur.
20. Why is Water Important for Cats
Living creatures, like young kittens, may go for some considerable time between meals, but not between drinks. Like us, their bodies comprise mainly of water, perhaps as much as 75% water, for an 8-week old kitten.

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