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11. Guide to Behavior Problems in Kittens
Your kitten is so cute and adorable – she could never do anything wrong. Or could she? Consider learning about your kitten's behavioral problems and how to either stop the behavior or re-train your pet.
12. Has Your Kitten Had His Shots?
Before the days of effective vaccines, cats routinely fell victim to a grim menu of diseases. Since the introduction of vaccines, the incidence of these diseases has drastically diminished in our feline friends.
13. Has Your Kitten Had His Shots?
Current vaccination programs protect our cats (and us) from the threat of rabies. Traditional vaccines are administered by "shots," but nasal drops have also been developed to protect against a variety of infections.
14. How Old is This Kitten?
When owners bring their new kitten to a veterinary practice, many ask how old their kitten is. The answer lies in the mouths of these babes.
15. How to Determine the Sex of Your Kitten
Your cat just delivered a litter of cute and adorable kittens, but how can you tell the boys from the girls? It can be difficult to distinguish between the genitals of male and female kittens, especially when only a few days to weeks old.
16. How to Kitten Proof Your Home
Cats are curious critters, and, once you bring a cat home, she will want to explore every inch of your house. Like child-proofing for a toddler, cat-proofing your home is vital to your cat's safety and well being.
17. How to Talk To and Handle My New Kitten
One thing you have to remember when dealing with kittens, especially young ones, is that they are very impressionable. In the first few weeks of their lives you can set them up for success or failure based on your interactions with them.
18. Is Pet Insurance Right for Your Kitten?
Should you get pet insurance for your Kitten? What should you consider? Here are some important guidelines.
19. Kitten Care Recommendations
Taking care of your cat is a year round responsibility. To keep him healthy and happy, there are several things you should do as part of his care.
20. Kitten Hazards
Everything is new and exciting to a kitten, but not everything is safe, and as kittens explore their world, hazards abound. Here is a list of some common hazards with links to more in-depth information.

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