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Senior Care

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1. 10 Ways to Help an Arthritic Dog
While anti-inflammatory medicines are popular treatments for arthritis, another approach involves protecting the cartilage in the joint and “nourishing” the joint. Here are 10 tips that may help your arthritic dog.
2. 10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Young Forever!
There is a large disparity between the life span of a dog and our life span. Several factors have been shown to increase the life span of pets. We offer tips to help keep your pet healthy and young for as long as possible.
3. 14 Common Disorders of Senior Dogs
It's important that your elderly pup receive routine veterinary care and periodic exams to keep him healthy. Here are some of the most commonly diagnosed illnesses known to afflict older dogs.
4. Cognitive Dysfunction in Elderly Dogs
As a dog advances into the twilight years, inevitable aging changes take place in all organ systems, including the brain. Years ago, nothing could be done. Today, new medications may help.
5. Commonly Asked Questions About Senior Dogs
During your dog's senior years, you'll observe gradual or sudden changes in her health or behavior. Your vet may need your input to help determine whether they are due to illness, a reaction to medications, or the natural aging process.
6. Feeding Your Senior Dog
The proper diet is important in the care of an aging dog. However, there is no best food to feed a geriatric dog; that depends on the specific problems or nutritional requirements of each animal.
7. Geriatric Dog Care
Old age happens to the best of us – even our dogs. The aging process brings about a gradual decline in a dog's physical and sometimes mental abilities. Becoming aware of these issues allows an owner to provide the best possible care.
8. Grooming Your Senior Dog - Special Concerns
As your pet ages, taking an active role in grooming becomes even more important. Older pets often groom less, may have trouble cleaning those "hard to reach places," or may develop skin conditions that require extra attention.
9. How Age Affects Your Dog
From cancer and deteriorating thought processes to arthritis and diabetes, geriatric dogs develop diseases similar to those that befall humans. Here is what you might encounter.
10. Keeping Your Senior Dog Healthy
Your dog's breed and size determine when he enters his senior years. You can't hold back the clock, but there are many things you can do to help keep him healthy and active as long as possible.

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