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Senior Care

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11. Keeping Your Senior Cat Healthy
Much as you hate to see it happen, your cat will eventually enter his senior years. Although you can't hold back the clock, there are many things you can do to help keep your cat healthy and active as long as possible.
12. Life Expectancy in Cats
Life expectancy in cats depends on many things, but the most important factor is whether he is an indoor-only cat or an outdoor cat. Life expectancy varies significantly between the two.
13. Living with A Senior Cat
It's good news is that you can expect to spend a long time with your cat companion. Cats are living longer than ever. The average life span of a cat is from fourteen to sixteen years although some cats have been known to live into their twenties.
14. Quality of Life Issues
As does every other living creature, pets age. And with this age comes illness and difficulty. Determining when your pet’s life is no longer enjoyable can be difficult and is an important part of deciding when to let him go.
15. The Effects of Aging on Cats
Like us, cats don't stay young forever - they age. While some aspects of getting old may not be much fun, getting old is not all bad.
16. Vaccinating Your Senior Cat
As pets age, questions about vaccinations arise. Common questions are which vaccine does my senior cat need and how often should he be vaccinated.
17. What to Expect as Your Cat Ages
Although it is difficult to think about your cat getting old, it is going to happen. Every cat ages differently but there are some common things that develop as the body ages.
18. When Your Senior Cat Needs to See a Vet
If your senior cat is getting twice-yearly veterinary exams, you need not be alarmed at small changes in his behavior, but if you notice any of the symptoms detailed in this article you should report them to your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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