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Brain, Spinal Cord & Nerves

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31. Storage Diseases of the Nervous System in Dogs
Storage diseases are inherited metabolic disorders characterized by the accumulation of certain substances in various tissues in abnormal amounts. Two most commonly reported in veterinary medicine are lysosomal and glycogen storage disease.
32. Trigeminal Neuritis in Dogs
Trigeminal neuritis is also known as mandibular paralysis. It is characterized by paralysis of the muscles of mastication, or the chewing muscles. Treatment consists of supportive care, mainly assisting the animal to eat and drink.
33. Vestibular Disease in Dogs
The vestibular system is primarily responsible for keeping the head and body in the correct orientation with respect to gravity. Vestibular disease is a disorder of this equilibrium apparatus and signs include dizziness, incoordination and head tilt.
34. White Shaker Syndrome
White shaker syndrome affects primarily small breed dogs with white hair coats. Affected dogs suddenly develop continuous shaking or tremors, which can be mild or severe enough to cause difficulty standing or walking.

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