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The Abyssinian is popular with cat lovers who enjoy busy, active, playful cats. Life with the "Aby" is never boring - fanciers claim that you won’t find finer home entertainment than one of these dynamic couch cougars. HEALTH ALERT - Pet Product Recalls by FDA

We are constantly on the lookout for Pet Food Recalls and Pet Product Recalls that can affect you and your pet ... 15 Questions You Should Ask Your Veterinarian

When you take your cat to your veterinarian for a check-up, problem or vaccines, there are some critical quest ... How long is it safe to go away and just “leave” a cat?

Read Dr. Jon’s answer to today’s question. Catnip...and How it Affects Your Cat's Behavior

For all our scientific know-how, we still have not uncovered the secret of why cats are attracted to catnip, a ... Why Do Cats Arch Their Backs?

Cats are able to arch their backs because their spines contain nearly 60 vertebrae, twice what humans have. Bu ...


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