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In the United States, both pet and owner have overindulgence in common — too much food, too little exercise. Today, nutritious pet food is abundant and palatable. The cause of cat obesity isn’t the food, but the feeding. 12 Things You May Not Know About Pet Death

Facts about Pet Death. Cat Facts - How Much Do You Know About Cats?

How much do you know about cats? Answer these questions and find out. Pets Play a Big Role in the Harry Potter Series

Pets play roles both large and small throughout the 1,819 pages that comprise the popular Harry Potter series ... Gingivitis in Cats

Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gum tissue, which can result in redness and/or swollen gums. Why is My Cat Urinating (Peeing) Outside of the Box?

Inappropriate urination (peeing) outside the litter box is a common problem in cats and one of the most popula ...

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