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100 Ways to Spoil Your Cat

By: PetPlace Cat Lovers

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36. Jungle WildCat Theme

I just read the tips on how to spoil your kitty and loved them all. The swimming pool idea for a litter box is great. I think I will incorporate that into one of my rooms for my kids. I have six very pampered fuzz balls: Tiffany Lynn, Tigger, Josie Ranae, Ellie May, Sir Ashton Cole Samuel and Ebony Grace who is called the "BooBoo" baby for she was an unplanned child! My kids started out with my remodeling the enclosed front porch into a hang-out for them.

I took landscape ties and cut them to height, installed them vertically and hand-wrapped them with sisal rope. Then attached shelves I bought at Lowe's and covered the top of the shelves with carpet so they have that goes from one shelf to a kitty condo, a huge picture window ledge and plenty of kitty tree condos to curl up on or hide in the cubbys. I also installed a kitty sunroom enclosure I bought and installed into one of the windows for them. Their room is ceramic-tiled for easy cleanup and they like to lie on it in the summer time to keep cool. They have tons of beds out there and a huge fountain with running water especially for them and a toybox full of toys that gets emptied out about every two days in which I have to go around the house and pick up their toys and refill the toy box so we can start the routine all over again! They also have a stroller in which I'll take two at a time for a walk at the park so they can watch squirrels and birds fly by. BooBoo will walk on a harness and lead, which is a blast to do with her.

Tiffany loves the full body massages where I go from tip of her tail to tip of her nose, inside her ears and between her paw pads. She really likes deep tissue massage and will purr ever so loudly and her eyes will even sometimes twitch and she will get
these trilling meows going too! She will demand her massages everyday as she so enjoys them. They all get daily kitty hugs and kisses.

Tigger is my loverboy and will snuggle in my arms like a baby. If I don't pay attention to him or stop petting him, he will soft paw slap me to get my attention! Sometimes he will give me love nips.

My kitties are my kids and I love them so much. The pleasure I receive in taking care of them is immeasurable.

Currently, I am getting ready to remodel an extra bedroom into a jungle wildcat theme room for my 6 fur kids. I am actually going to bring in a large limb to angle from the wall to the floor and place artificial trees and palms around it so they can climb on this limb, lay around on it and claw on it as they please. The room will be decorated with leopard print wallpaper and I'm purchasing leopard print nap pads and a hammock for them. There will be a rock fountain installed with continuous flowing water for them to drink from and they will have tons of ledges, climbing posts and cubbys for them to curl up in and nap. I'm so excited about getting started on this room. It will be awesome. Do whatever you feel like doing for your babies as it will all be done out of love for them. I love seeing my kitties happy, healthy, and having fun. And they show me appreciation in so many ways for it plus keeps them out of trouble of gettng into things they shouldn't! Enjoy!

37. Build an atrium outside

My husband and I saved money and extended the roof over one of our bedrooms into the backyard. We then enclosed it with rod iron and gating material and built shelving for them to walk on. Now our cats use the bedroom window to go out into their play pen. They love being outside, but we still feel safe that they won't be in any danger.

38. 360 Degrees of Birdfeeders

We have 10 cats, all whom live indoors only. They are actually 2 separate families. One family of 5 has a cat palace in our garage (our cars are outside) and one family lives inside the house. They are separated because the alpha male in the garage, Bosco, has FIV. All but two cats were feral (from the same colony) and were rescued from our neighborhood. The last rescue of Iris netted the grandmom of all the feral cats, and I am pleased to say they are all very happy with their new lives. They have all come to know "the good life" and have been spayed, neutered, vaccinated and given veterinary exams on a regular basis. All are loved unconditionally.

We have 360 degrees of bird feeders and bird baths outside our windows to keep them entertained. Of course, the squirrels also show up as well as the deer, adding to the environmental viewing. I don't really believe in the term "spoiling". I don't think you can spoil anyone by loving them unconditionally. You can allow them to be brats by not correcting certain unacceptable behaviors, but that is more a reflection of the human's poor habits rather than the cats'. Our only rule is "respect" by both cats and humans. Everyone must get along and respect each other. Positive reinforcement works much better than negative, but when our alpha male, Andre, wasn't allowing the last adoptee to enjoy her freedom, we had to resort to a squirt bottle filled with water. He did not appreciate getting wet and now they enjoy each other's company in peace. Sometimes it takes a newcomer a little while to be integrated, but there is now harmony throughout the household.

39. Floor to Ceiling Windows

Our house has a screened porch attached with floor-to-ceiling windows and
screens. Our cats have all fun of being outside without any of the danger. We live in the Northeast where winters are quite cold but on a sunny day, the temperature in that porch can reach 60 degrees or more. They sit at the inside door and BEG us to go out there. Between the rabbits, squirrels, birds, deer and other assorted critters, there's a never ending supply of entertainment.

40. Attention – lots of it

Just be there! Our cats, Donder & William just like us to be around the
house. When we come in they come down the stairs (with very sleepy eyes)
to greet us. Donder likes lots of attention and ANYTHING is acceptable - even rubbing her fur in all directions. William pretends to be more independent and
likes to talk but not be fussed. She often talks to the birds!

Usually they just sleep if you are at home although the other day i was up
and down the stairs all day and Donder (17 years old) got the work out of
her life as she followed me about!

Hope that you readers can relate to these treats from our Dutch cats!


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100 Ways to Spoil Your Cat

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