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100 Ways to Spoil Your Cat

By: PetPlace Cat Lovers

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41. Warm Cereal

This is how I spoil my cat:

1) During the winter, I mix a dish of dry cat food with hot water, so my orange kitty can have warm cereal, which he really likes -- but not so much in the summer.

2) My black kitty enjoys a good game of fetch with a nice glue stick, so that's what we do every morning while I drink my coffee.

3) Both kitties have learned to wear a collar and harness. They go outside and explore on long leashes attached to a tie-out stake....I spoil them by taking them out around 5:30 am for an hour or so, and then several times during the day, winding up about 9 at night. We bird-watch together.


42. Comfort with things They Don't Like

I've found if you have do to something a kitty doesn't like, i.e. "bathing", "teeth brushing", dampen and squeeze out a washcloth, and use it to wipe their head and ears just like a mom kitty with her kittens. Doing this takes them back to that time and they really do appreciate it and settle down.


43. A Satin Pillow

A satin pillow to lay on, strawberry yogurt at 3pm. a slice of turkey at 9:30 pm. He gives me so much thanks when he get all this

Scruffy's Mom

44. 9 Ways I spoil My Cats

This is how I spoil my cats,
1. Rock them in the rocking chair and sing to them.
2. give them massages
3. let them have tastes of my food
4. take them for nightly walks in their pet stroller
5. let them cuddle with me in bed
6. get them catnip toys to play with
7. have a conversation with them, especially nice if you have a talkative cat
8. let them chase the lazer light
9. give them nick names, shiloh is my cuddly wuddly guy, mini is my mins a
baby, sassy is my sassafras. They come to their names, but get excited
when I use their nick names.

Dona Antio

45. Tea Time with Me

My name is Rena and I live in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Three of my eleven cats get spoiled by having tea time with me in the backyard. When they see me make my tea, they head for the door and sit by my feet. Rooey demands brushing, Stripe prefers a belly rub, and Jareeda is happy just to accompany them. The inside cats have preferred toys, Ajeeb likes his tossed and he retrieves it for me so I can toss it again. Sahannah enjoys stuffed mice and other assorted animals (the hedgehog is her favorite). Gamashah wants hide and seek played and Morgan (still a kitten) prefers to wrestle with Gamashah and Sahannah. Chili likes her privacy and prefers a good sleep in my clothes in the closet. Olive needs a few minutes on my belly where giving me a massage relaxes her. Meola likes a few minutes on my lap and Lily loves scratching her own little carpet. They're a handful, but I love them all!

46. You Get There First...You Stay

It's just me and my two cats in my apartment, so "we" have a rule: if you get there first, you get to stay there. That means that sometimes I have to keep myself busy for an hour or two while I wait to use the computer because one of my cats loves to curl up on the computer chair for naps. I never shoo one of my cats away from a chair, bed, or couch if she was there first -- I work around them. When I take the cats to my parents
place over holidays, my parents don't have the same rule, and you can see it's a rude awakening for my kitties! Their expression seems to say, "How
Dare You?"


47. Keep Him Warm

My Siamese, Sammy, is getting old (11) and he loves to be warm. He has a favorite blanket, and I always keep it on the couch where I sit so he feels close to his family. At night, I roll the edges of the blanket towards the middle where he sleeps so it forms a nest for him. He is so cozy and warm and my other Siamese, a female, knows not to enter the nest, but to sleep next to it to give him company. I recently found out Sammy has heart failure (he had pneumonitis when I bought him as a kitten and has had severe allergies ever since) and I intend to make his last months of life as happy as can be.

Karen J. Mainous

48. Kitty Massage

Reggie, my 6 year old Manx, loves getting a "kittyssage" at least once a day. When he comes in, he immediately flops on the floor for me to massage him from head to toe. He even will roll from one side, to his back, then to the other side so he gets the total body massage. Since we have hardwood floors, he's sliding in a circle the whole time also. I keep my hand flat and massage in circles with light to medium pressure. The look of contentment on his face and the loud purring are payment enough! He knows I'm the only one that gives out the massages. If my husband or daughter lets him in, it's just straight for the food bowl or bed for naptime. He also gets a certain "determined" look and makes a little chirp when it's time for some major cuddling. He's just a big old baby!

Betty Ruis
Cordele, Georgia

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100 Ways to Spoil Your Cat

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