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100 Ways to Spoil Your Cat

By: PetPlace Cat Lovers

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49. Over the Old Shoulder Trick

My name is Carrie Wyse and I pamper my cat Kiko several different ways.

1. I often pick her up and carry her over my shoulder. She loves it especially because I scratch her side until she purrs and then let her down wherever she wants to go. Its kind of like a kitty taxi.

2. Once every couple weeks she gets a bath. Given she doesn't really like the bath part she loves to get clean and groomed.

3. I play "fetch" with her at least once a day usually. She loves the one on one play time and afterwards we cuddle as she sleeps. Its great to play before bed because she tires out and then gets a good night sleep.

4. I take her out to visit friends and family and the residents in the local nursing home. She likes it cuz she gets to get out of the house.

5. I let her sunbathe in the window she loves the fresh air especially on our porch (screened in of course) because she can get fresh air safely.

6. She gets wet food once or twice a week. She loves the treat and it helps to only give it occasionally because then its a special treat for her.

I really love my kitty and pampering her is fun for me. I hope these tips help others have fun pampering their kitties too.

50. Annual Exams and Vaccinations

My name is Tiffany Ramey and I live in Nova Scotia, Canada with my husband and our four cats. We have no children so we spoil our cats. The first thing we do to show our love is annual vaccinations and check-ups. We want our kitties to live long and healthy lives. We also supply them with lots of cat toys and scratching posts. They also have several cat beds and cat condos. Three of our cats enjoy walks in their very own pet stroller. They all have nicknames as well as their original names. We talk to our kitties all the time and act like they can understand every word. We would be truly lost and lonely without these beautiful creatures in our lives. I have included several photos of my cats enjoying all their comforts.

51. Treat Them Each Individually

Each one of them has their own personality, their own likes and dislikes. Tabitha loves to play hide and seek and tag. She loves when I roll up a wad of colored paper into a ball and toss it. She loves to curl up in a small cardboard box on the desk when my husband works on his computer.

Harley loves to climb up to look into a storage box I've filled with cat toys and choose which one he wants to play with. He also loves watching the birds at the birdfeeder in front of the big picture window.

Mitzer whom I've had since a kitten...loves to lay on my chest while watching TV. He loves watching the bathtub fill up with water and lets me sprinkle him so he actually thinks he's getting a bath too! Butmost of all....I save the rings from the milk jugs. He hangs over the railing while I toss them up and loves to swat them back to me!

Linda Fandrich

52. Blowing Bubbles

Callie loves it when I blow plain bubbles she leaps up in the air and tries to grab it and she also loves it when she and I played soccer mice with her toy mice She would batted the mouse a round and I tried to get it away from her.

53. Ice Cubes in the Water

I spoil my cat by putting ice cubes in hes water. buying him a chicken breast once a week. allowing him to sleep on my chest.

Christine from West Covina CA.

54. Create a Kitty Palace

We have 3 rescued Siamese Seal Point cats, ages 4 to 6 years old. Our house has been transformed into a "kitty palace"! There are plenty of soft beds and several cat trees in strategic places so watching birds at bird feeders is a favorite pastime. We also have a pet door that leads from the house to a large screened deck. There are plenty of napping places and sunning spots, and hummingbird feeders only a whisker's length away on the other side of the screen.


55. Grow a Little CatNip!

Every year we set out catnip plants in our garden. They grow right along with the tomatoes, beans, and corn. Our country cats just help themselves all summer long. We often find our two stretched out sleeping under the catnip - or zooming around the yard and racing up tree trunks in catnip delight. In fact, all of our neighbors' kitties have found the plants and stop by for the occasional nip. Our garden is the place to be. In the fall, I yank up the catnip plants, hang them upside down to dry for a week or so, then crumble the leaves and stems and store in Zip Loc bags for winter play times.

Ann Ranck

56. A Little Stroll

Our new kitten, is not allowed outside so I bought her a zippered little pet stroller I found on line. She hops in on her own, I zip it closed for safety, and we head out on our mile neighborhood journey which she loves! Good exercise for me, excitement for her
along with the many humming bird feeders and thistle feeders she loves to observe in our yard. The stroller I bought was said to be for little dogs but works well as she can walk around inside when I walk. She vacillates between standing and relaxing then happily hops out once back home. Have fun walking your cat OR dog! Happy trails!

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100 Ways to Spoil Your Cat

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