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100 Ways to Spoil Your Cat

By: PetPlace Cat Lovers

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57. Install a Garden Window

We had a garden window put in our house recently. The first one was accidentally built for the wrong window, so we ended up with 2 of them -bonus! The windows stick out from the house, and we put in padded carpeting (for temperature control, not exactly for the cats...). Well, our kitties now spend a lot of time lounging in what they think are their personal sun spas. The windows give an excellent view of the garden, birds, and butterflies, etc. and they love having the windows open. One of our kitties needed more exercise, and she now jumps up to the windows and has generally become more active. Of course, we didn't really install these for the cats -it just sort of turned out that way.

Maddie & Molly's Mom

58. A Dinner Ritual

My two girls are the best! Mixelplix is the cheeky one, and Mimi the princess. Every week I bring home sushi and we eat dinner together. Yellowtail is our favorite. Catnip is a necessity, followed by a romp in the house. A glass of fresh h2o for each. Mixelplix has since rewarded me by teaching HERSELF to pee in the toilet. The best way to spoil them is with all the love in my heart!


59. Help Him Swat Bugs

Ways to spoil my cat:
Drinking Fountain, cleaned often.
'Sink Water' - every night before bed I turn on the bathroon faucet so he can drink from the sink.
Window perches (with the windows open when possible)
Going outside on a leash.
Regular play times.
Regular vet care - maybe not spoiling but very important.
Rotate different toys so he doesn't get bored.
Ear scratching session every time I come home from work.
For his birthday he gets a little (very little) real tuna.
Opening the closets when he 'asks' so he can explore.
Holding him up to the screen door in the evening so he can swat at the
I buy tubs of pet grass for him to eat.


60. Let the Cats Train Me

I have discovered that Cats love to (and are Very Good At) training their people. If you pay attention, it only takes them a few days. My cat, Gobbie, will not allow me to make a pot of coffee without putting at least a little something in her dish.She sits nearby quietly, watches me carefully and lets me do all of the needed coffee steps. When I put the coffee back in the cupboard and then Close The Cupboard Door, that is when she lets me know...O.K. , now me!!! She meows and mews and steps on my feet, allto make sure I respond to my previous training. It ony took me a few days to get the hang of it. She is a very good at training.

Peggy in Stuart Fl.

61. Window Perch and "Safe" Outdoor Time

Cat's Name: Felix Kinetic (middle name means: energy in motion) Forney

I spoil Felix several ways. I got him a window perch for in the bedroom, and try to always have the blinds pulled up for him to look outside the window. Just outside is a bird feeder with several perches only inches away. At first the birds were hesitant, but now that they have learned that Felix can't come through the window they are out there all the time! I have seen a large variety of birds; pigeons, sparrows, blue jays, cardinals, finches, robins, all eating together. There is a porch roof just below the window so sometimes they will gather there also and pick up the crumbs! I am attaching a picture of Felix on his window perch. (this photo was taken before I added the birdfeeder) :)

Another way I spoil him, is by allowing him a great deal of "safe" outside time. I have a patio that is about 10x10 and surrounded by latticework, and a gate. He loves going out there and hunting for birds (the not so smart ones that get close on the patio), basking in the sun, rolling around on plants, eating grass clippings, etc. He wants out there so much that almost as soon as I get home from work he is at the door begging to go out, or in the morning when I get up, and he will even want out in the dead of night, snow, rain, anything. He loves it. Of course I limit him to times that I can supervise and check on him every now and then. I never let him out overnight, and always leave the screen door unlatched so he can push on it to let me know he's ready to come in. I am attaching a photo of Felix on the patio.

At times he is very demanding about wanting out on the patio, even at times late at night when I do not feel it is safe for him to be out. At these times I spoil him by giving him fresh catnip. Soon after, at least for a little while, he's forgotten about wanting to go out.

Rachel Forney and Felix Kinetic

62. Lots of Warms Places

My cat likes warm places so we let it stay in warm areas in the house.

1. On top of tv set. Its hot when it is on so my cat spends whole day sleeping on it.

2. Outdoors. In the garden on the grasses where it gets direct sunlight. My cat plays there, lie down, rub its body on the grass, and play with my dog. But we don't leave them unattended.

3. On my bed. My cat sleep on my bed every night for 9 years. Sometimes on my tummy or on my back. It also likes to curl up in my armpit or between my legs. Problem is it has gone heavy.

4. On my lap. It sits on my lap when I'm watching tv or eating or studying.

63. Treat them like Furry Children

My cats Leotis, Scooby, and Little Joy are definitely my furry children! When I get out of bed, all three cats run excitedly down the stairs for breakfast. Before I can even put up the coffee, I must serve my meowing children.

Throughout the day, the cats politely ask for a treat every time that I
enter the kitchen. I give them the green treats that are good for their
teeth. Like all moms, I want to know that my children are eating well!

Like children, My little furry little ones need assistance getting along through out the day. I use a little squirt of water to tell big, lanky, Leotis that it is not okay to chase little Joy, our eleven-month-old kitten. Scooby is a big, black and white, complacent boy who cares for Joy and ignores Leotis.

When I go to bed, Loetis always lays right at my feet. When my husband
comes up, he carries Scooby and Little Joy up and puts them in bed too. Unfortunately, there is a little sibling rivalry, so Scooby and Little Joy usually jump down.

Sharda B.
64. You Know When They are Sick

I have 4 cats all rescues 2 of which were raised on bottles and they are my children and they know it. It's odd how they are really just like siblings in every way possible. They are jealous of who is in my lap and if I give one something I have to give them all the same or there is a sulled up baby in the corner for a while. I know them just as if they were my children. Just the other day I had one he was lying on his tower was swishing as if he was irritated and I knew he was ill because he is the first one to the food and the first to want out to play and he just looked with no intrest in anything. I called the vet and made an appointment and he had a 105.5 temp ( glad I took him in) and now he is fine. Your cat is really your child when you know them that well. They know us and trust us that we will take care of them just as we do our other children. I love my babies would be very lonely without them. They really do act just like siblings fighting, playing, napping and attention from mom.

Jill Bradshaw - Garland, Texas

65. Window Boxes

I have "window" boxes in a couple of windows so my kitties can feel like they're outside, but stay safely in. They also love to lay in bread baskets, the perfect size for them! They love their automatic water bowl with the water trickling down. And the "tree" in front of the deck door brings them lots of fun.


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100 Ways to Spoil Your Cat

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