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100 Ways to Spoil Your Cat

By: PetPlace Cat Lovers

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66. Very Special Treats

Give give give all the treats and meats he wants with milk and Port Wine
Cheese and you'll have a fat happy cat. lol

Bobbi owned and jailed by Bonnie & Clyde, Foxy,Bandit and Old Timer & Sylvett and Bella Donna

67. Unconditional LOVE

How to Spoil Your Cat: True, non-stop, no matter what ,where, how, no-holds
barred, unrelenting, CONSTANT unconditional love-the very same way that
they spoil US!!!

Daisy Vipperman

68. Don't Skimp on Food

I have 4 cats, 3 are one year old, the other is about 6. I leave out dry food all day for at will feeding. I usually mix Iams regular, Iams kitten food, a higher end purina product and a hair ball reducing. I buy enough for a month, and mix in a bin. Every evening we have a treat. All the cats like a moist canned food. So every evening we put 1/4 can in each of 4 bowls and have a little treat. Not enough to spoil their appetite for the dry foods, which I suspect are better balanced.

Mary D.

69. Do Something They Like

My cat, Copper, just loves to be blow-dried! When I'm blow-drying my hair in the morning, she jumps up onto the counter, puts both paws on my chest and stretches up so I can blow-dry her as well - it's just a little piece of heaven to start her day on the right track.

Susan Poynter

70. Billions of Kisses

I give my Ashley a bizillion kisses and hugs each day. While she is sleeping in her cozy window cat sofa with the sun on her, I bend down and kiss her a zillion times. I just love putting my face into her soft furry body. I do this several times per day.

We also have a lot of talking time together and we sing together, everyday, besides her evening play time with a toy, string or whatever.

This house is definitely the cat's house with her housekeeping staff living here <chuckle>.

Regards, Virginia

71. A Jungle Jim

My two kids are so spoiled, at least that is what my family and friends say. Lily and Nicole basically have my husband and I wrapped around their little paws. I basically spend on them like others do with their children.

They have more toys than some of the kids in the family. They have a few cat trees throughout the house. Their auto litter box is probably the most extravagant so they continuously have a clean litter box. Our dining room is no longer a dining room. It is the cats play area equipped with a cat jungle Jim, crawl tunnels, cat beds and basket of toys. Lilly wants a drink, I have to lift her up to the sink and turn the water on to a small drip so she can get a fresh drink of water. Nicole MUST be picked up first thing when i arrive home so we can have our bonding session. if i fail to immediately pick her up, boy do i get chewed out.

My next project is to have climbing levels and walkways installed around the house.

yah i guess you could say they are spoiled!

sue-roch, NY

72. A Little Game of Hide & Chase

My kitties, Rambo and Tessa, love the cuddles and lovin', but what they like to do the most is play a game we call 'hide and chase'. Around 8:00 p. m. every night they get wild and we start running around the house, hiding around corners and 'jumping' out at them, which makes them jump and run in the other direction. Then we run away and they chase us. It usually ends with us all snuggled up and loving on the floor. Too much fun!! Pictures are attached! Love your newsletter!

Peace, Love & Happiness,
Debbie Rose

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100 Ways to Spoil Your Cat

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