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2007 Pet Horoscopes

By: Cal Orey

Read By: Pet Lovers
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SCORPIO (OCT. 24 – NOV. 22)
Welcome to 2007, Scorpy. Yes, new love and doing things differently will add gusto to your existence. Forget about Scorpion fears, petty jealousy, and sibling rivalry. This is the time to enjoy and show off the new you.

Animal and Human Relationships: Still, challenging times may time from time when dealing with chaos on the home front-but you make it work.

Health and Well-being: Spring is your time for nurturing. A groomer, vitamins, and pet massage may be the things on your caretaker's calendar that keep you perky.

2007 Pet Tip: Be open to new experiences and discover the upbeat beast in you.

Animal-Loving Celebrity: Scorpio Loretta Swit, an animal person, is associated with Actors and Others for Animals.

This will be a year of good cheer for you and yours. Jupiter, a giving planet, is to thank for your zest for going for it, whatever it may be. Note: Don't hold back, Sag. Snag your pleasure and run (or slither, fly or swim) –do not walk away.

Animal and Human Relationships: On the other paw, new friendships may move into and out of your world like a whirlwind but you will find it all a safari-like adventure.

Health and Well-being: Spring may be a time your nervous system needs a boost. A pet specialist (vocalize yourself so your humans take you to one) may be in order and counting to 10 in animal-ese is a must-do instead of ruffling your feathers or having a hissy fit.

2007 Pet Tip: Resolve to confront others but with the craft of a mellow pussycat.

Animal-Loving Celebrity: Sagittarius Dick Clark-Dogs play a big role in this well-known celeb's life offstage.

While other pets are dealing with changes on the planet and in the home, you will be looked after instead of looking after others for a change. Read: It's your year to be pampered and appreciated. Go on, roll over and shut your eyes.

Animal and Human Relationships: As a social, action-oriented critter, don't be surprised if you relish lone days and nights and don't bark or yowl or sit depressed in a corner. But do socialize on occasion for your sanity's sake.

Health and Well-being: To soothe yourself during the cold months, hang out by the heater or sunny windows. In the warmer months take cover under a shaded tree or cool spot in the house.

2007 Pet Tip: Take time out to tune into you and enjoy self-reliance.

Animal-Loving Celebrity: Capricorn Betty White-This actress is a pet enthusiast and animal welfare activist.

AQUARIUS (JAN. 21 – FEB. 19)
Water Bearer it's time to get the best of both worlds this year, due to the planets affecting your sun sign. If you give-and-take cuddles and strokes, you can help yourself to help others achieve happiness and peace no matter what changes happen in your world.

Animal and Human Relationships: Team up with your humans, whether it is exercise or down time. Yep, animals and humans can become best friends with no strings attached.

Health and Well-being: In the spring you may benefit from a pet professional to help balance any negative emotions. Think of it as a time to detox your inner being so you can enjoy the summer as well as the other seasons.

2007 Pet Tip: Resolve to be man or woman's loyal confidant no matter what happens.

Animal-Loving Celebrity: Aquarius Paul Newman-Newman's Own Organics is his premium pet food line; he donates to animal organizations.

PISCES (FEB. 20 – MAR. 20)
This year is the time for Pisces pets to get TLC. If you felt ignored or neglected last year, now is the time to get your attention. Psst: The planets and four eclipses are on your side to make it right in the upcoming months.

Animal and Human Relationships: People will come to you and offer praise for your good traits. Keep in mind, you are a touchy-feely animal so pay back the compliment with a nudge (or two). It will make bonus good pet points.

Health and Well-being: Before the summer rolls around, do whatever you have to do to get your caretakers to take inventory of your diet, exercise, and lifestyle. After all, it's your 2007 to enjoy. Cheers!

2007 Pet Tip: Do hold your head up high and enjoy the good vibes from people and pets.

Animal-Loving Celebrity: Pisces Nancy Wilson-Her dogs are pampered pooches, whether it be staying at 5-star hotels to traveling in private jets.

About the Author

Kerouac is a wise and witty six-year-old black cat. He is the co-author of 202 Pets' Peeves, and a praised "seismically sensitive" critter in his human's book The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes by Cal Orey, his mistress. Ms. Orey is an author and journalist. She has written several books including the bestseller The Healing Powers of Vinegar, Revised and Updated, and The Sky is Falling! A Global Warming Survival Guide (co-written from two intelligent whales perspective). Her books are available on the Internet at and Kerouac and Orey reside in Northern California. Check out Kerouac on Orey's website at .

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2007 Pet Horoscopes

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