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Abyssinian Fetches Better Than a Dog!

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Everyone thinks that their cat is the most amazing cat ever. And they should! Cats have so many different personalities and every single one is an amazing individual. I just read the cutest story about an Abyssinian cat that can fetch! You can read the whole story here!

Abyssinians have a huge fan club and it's not just because some of them are astute at a game of fetch. Although there isn't quite enough evidence to prove it, many fans of the "Aby" swear that the breed is the direct descendant of the ancient Egyptian cats. There's no arguing that this lithe and beautifully ticked feline looks an awful lot like the statues and painting of old.

The Aby is also a busy active and playful cat. No couch potatoes in this breed! They are high-spirited natural athletes. This explains why Monica Coleman's Abyssinian in Missouri loves a good game of fetch. She says that "Sammy" learned to fetch on accident when he was only two months old. Monica had dropped a pom pom (a soft small ball used for crafts) on the floor and Sammy promptly pounced on the escaping ball and brought it back to his human friend. Monica threw the pom pom again and Sammy repeated the retrieve. Two years later it's still his favorite game. Sammy has even taught other cats in the household to play the fetching game. After all, who says dogs should have all the fun!

If you are looking to bring a particular breed of cat into your home, be sure to do your research. If a high-energy cat if what you are looking for then a lean and lithe pouncing machine like an Abyssinian might be perfect for that game of fetch you've been wanting to play!

Until next time...

Petplace Staff

P.P.S – Do you have a cat that has changed your life? Write us and let us know!

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Abyssinian Fetches Better Than a Dog!

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