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Are Urinary Problems In Cats Curative?

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

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Can You Cure Urinary Problems In Cats?

Urinary problems are common in cats. Almost every cat urinates somewhere they shouldn't during their lifetime. Many frustrated owners want to know whether the issue is permanent or if it can be cured. That is a good question but really depends on the underlying cause of the urinary problem.

When I ask most cat owners what they mean by "urinary problems" they most often mean that their cat urinating outside the litter box. Other problems include straining in the litter box, a lack of urination, frequent urinations or blood in the urine.

Most urinary issues are caused by either medical or behavioral issues. Medical problems include bladder and kidney stones, bacterial infections, or general irritation. Behavioral issues include stress, boredom, unsuitable litter, dominance issues in multi-cat households, and covered or dirty litter boxes.

If the underlying problem can be identified then the problem can usually be cured. The medical problem can be treated, or behavior can be modified to relieve the issue. But if you can't find the reason for the inappropriate elimination, it is much harder to get rid of it for good.

I hope this answers your question of whether urinary problems in cats can be cured. If your cat is having urinary problems, please see your veterinarian to identify the underlying cause. Once they know the underlying cause, you can find a treatment plan to stop or cure inappropriate urination.

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Are Urinary Problems In Cats Curative?

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