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Are You CAT Crazy?

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

Read By: Pet Lovers
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50 – 68 points – you are not only CatCrazy but also you qualify as a CatCrazy NUT! (In a very good way) You love you cat a lot and he is very lucky to have someone that cares so much!

35 – 49 points – You are CatCrazy! You love your cat and spend time bonding with your cat. Great job!

20 – 34 points – You love your cat very much and you get a star for being crazy about your cat. You could bump it up a notch and get matching outfits!

0 – 19 points – You care about your cat, love your cat but are not considered totally over-the-top CatCrazy. Your friends and relatives probably would describe you as loving your cat but not a NUT! J

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Are You CAT Crazy?

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