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Cat Hair on Your Clothes Tips

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Do you leave the house or arrive at work to look down and find your clothes covered with little cat hairs? I know I do. We surveyed our users about how they deal with pet hair on their clothes.

Some tips include:

  • The rubber glove technique was a favorite for dealing with pet hair. Just put the glove on and brush hair away.

  • Dry sponges can work well on many types of clothes, depending on the fabric. If a dry sponge doesn't work, try a damp sponge or tape roller.

  • Damp sponge or cloth – A wet cloth if you have no other option will remove pet hair from clothing and material.

  • Lint brushes – these can work great.

  • Tape rollers – Keep one in your home and one in your glove box. When you arrive at work or to your location and notice hair, you will be happy to have a roller handy in the glove box!

    For more tips on dealing with pet hair on your clothes or in your home, read Get Pet Hair OFF and OUT of Your Home.

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    Cat Hair on Your Clothes Tips

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